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  1. Electric Sheep
    by Touch & DJ Matto
  2. Lady Parts
    by Fudge
  3. West of Eden
    by HMLTD
  4. Visions of Bodies Being Burned
    by clipping.
  5. Exotica
    by Fat Tony
  6. Autopilot (Deluxe Version)
    by Illogic
    damn . I am so pumped for this . illogic has always been a beast on the mic , but his production is so unique with an artsy approach . reminds me of aesop rocks production but with less emphasis on industrial touches and more emphasis on electronic influences. This has the potential to be indie hip hop album of the year .I am excited to see this dudes 2nd wind of his career , he is a class A artist and deserves to be mentioned with the greats .
  7. Freak Out!
    by Darko The Super
  8. HA Chu
    by Pan Amsterdam
  9. Giraffe Track
    by Pink Navel
    eclectic , abstract ,satirical and goofy . Navels vocal approach is both outlandish and unpredictable . his style can be compared to the late ODB , without the hardened thug image . His bars come off like spoken word poetry. thru out the album, I picked up on some obvious. its clear that the whole 90s west coast underground scene was a huge inspiration ( good cafe, project blowed , freestyle fellow ship , hieroglyphics).its definitely gonna take a few spins . B+ easy on the ears exciting listen
  10. King Magnetic - Nobody's Safe
    by King Magnetic & Tone Spliff
    Rest Less feat Tom Sav Rest Less feat Tom Sav
    yo I always knew king mag was nice but yo this collab wit tone spliff is a match made in heaven . there is so much chemistry between the two ,the results are magic . I have never bought music from either of these two artists seperatly but together they make something unique and special . on the few teaser tracks all the production is top notch and perfectly matches the Kings flow and style . and there is a serious focus on hooks which is uncommon for the throwback underground shit cant wait10/23
  11. White Horse
    by White Horse (Gajah and Uncommon Nasa)
  12. HUEMAN
    by Siul Hughes
    I AM I AM
    fake four with a soul inspired trap release ... very intriguing. love how fake four is expanding there reach with this one . siul is a very entertaining vocalist. His personality shines and is very genuine . he has a flow like Kendrick lamar and a unique personailty like J.I.D. and content that reminds me of j cole. nothing groundbreaking here , but whats here is done and performed very well. great start for Siul excited for more !
  13. Live From The Dungeon
    by Loaf Muzik
  14. The First Stand
    by Guillotine Crowns
    nasa is rock solid , he is the king of the underground , uncommon records is for the culture and pushing the genre forward with every release . u need to own there whole discography now , GO!
  15. BLUu Edwards
    by Curly Castro & Small Professor
    hey guys . I love this album . I just went to go pre order the new alaska & zilla record (super stoked btw) and realized I have still not recieved the copy for BLuu Edwards . would really like a update .
  16. We Live Here
    by Bob Vylan
    hey gel roc and abalano records , I ordered 3 cds from u , gel rocs mass elements , the cloaks first album and this album exalt the anti -hip hop against the world , I received the gel roc. album and the cloaks album , but did not receive this exalt the anti album, instead I got " E times 2" common thread . this is a decent album but I would really like the exalt the anti album please get back to me , email is u ran out of copies u should take it off ur bandcamp .
  18. The Cloaks
    by Awol One & Gel Roc
    Grayskul with Black Cloaks feat. Onry Ozzborn & JFK Ninjaface Grayskul with Black Cloaks feat. Onry Ozzborn & JFK Ninjaface
    2 Master wordsmiths spittin str8 heat , over progressive ,synthbased futuristic instrumentals. Awkwards production style leans heavily on clean synth arrangements and bright and shiny electronic passages . AWOL&GEL trading lines &versus , switching up flows and str8 up verbal acrobatics , compliments the production perfectly , creating an atmosphere worthy of a super hero tale , which is the approach these 2 mcs take . absolutely a must have 4 west coast underground fans !
    by GEL ROC
    hey I was suppose to receive exalt the anti -hip hop against the world , I ordered 3 cds and did not get that one , I am very dispaainted , can u please send me the new cloaks albums or the new gel roc album instead , thanx
  20. We Live Here
    by Bob Vylan
    Lynch Your Leaders Lynch Your Leaders
    first time I've ever paid more than 1$ on band camp for a digital release . hope these guys repress the vinyl &press some cds. these guys are in the same vein as the American group" H0rr0r" , but with equal parts hip hop and hardcore. I feel like H0rr0r's music is heavy on the hardcore influences and not enough hip hop , but Bob Vylan has found the perfect blend of hardcore and rap music , very refreshing , executed well and politically charged . id liked to see ScarlXrd & slowthai wrk w\BobVylN