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  1. The Infernal Pathway
    by 1349
  2. Hidden History of the Human Race
    by Blood Incantation
  3. The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings
    by Obsequiae
  4. Skeltonics (Demo)
    by Knaves of Dis
    Uppon a Deedmans Hed Uppon a Deedmans Hed
    Debut demo 'Skeltonics'

    Primitive Scholar thrash

    Ye are therefore beknayved...
  5. Chaucerian Legends: The Epic of Beileag, Part III
    by Chaucerian Myth
    Caedmon's Hymn Caedmon's Hymn
    A resonant and reflective conclusion to the Chaucerian Legend series. The tracks are robust, melancholic, and inspire contemplation. With every offering, this project has become more cohesive and realized, and the song arrangements on this album are some of the best of Chaucerian Myth. I am grateful for this project as a whole, for its execution and its aims. The journey may be finished, but the pilgrimage is never done.
  6. Always Night
  7. Always Hell
  8. Principle Of Pain
    Infinite Hunger For Love Infinite Hunger For Love
    This album has strong energy. Strong beats and guitar lines bend a dirty urban shadow over some fine lyrics.

    Gothwave with grit, lacking entirely the empty posh that has undermined other bands of this ilk in the past.

    Principle of Pain is infectious, and while it will certainly appeal to existing fans of this sound, it definitely stands on its own in a world over-saturated with empty throwback bands and regressive pop music.
  9. Who Will Be The Victims?
    by Lifeless Dark
    Outcry Outcry
    Thrashing punk screaming out over the end times. Heavy riffs, shrieked, passionate vox, and production that absolutely hits the nail on the head.

    "To avoid this living hell
    we must cease creating
    nuclear material..."
  10. Sigh of Winter in The Stillness of Night
    by Hiemal
    Hiemal has been weaving sorcery for a long while, and this is the most potent to date.

    The blending of nature and synth is sublime, and the tonal subtleties captured and expressed here speak of deep experience with vastness and solitude. The music seems to pour out of the painted world of the cover art.

  11. To Deaf And Day
    by Glaare
  12. Krigsdøger
    by GJENDØD
  13. Under Pale Moon
    by Ringarë
  14. Cryptworm
    by Cryptworm
  15. Gronspech
    by Asgrauw
  16. Nightside Valkyries
    by Firmament
    Nightside Valkyries Nightside Valkyries
    Really fine debut. Ambient and acoustic passages are reflective and sylvan, and the heavy sections serve to advance the nocturnal narrative. This type of music is very easy to cheese, but Firmament demonstrates careful attention to songwriting and ambient detail that supports a unique vision; a genuine journey through the wonder of night, and a reckoning with the spiritual ephemera that results from such a journey.
  17. UnderCroft
    by UnderCroft
    From the Blackness From the Blackness
    UnderCroft has delved a sound that is grim and old on this output. Beneath the ominous production are dangerous, shrouded riffs and phantom vox that guide you through the fog.

    The cult is alive in USBM.
  18. Misconception
    by Critical Defiance
    Spiral Of Hatred Spiral Of Hatred
    Man alive, some killer thrash here. These guys just GET it!

    .50 Caliber riffage laid down with armor-piercing lead playing. Rhythm section is tight as hell.

    These guys temper the hellbent fury of old Eurothrash with the melodic sensibilities of Metallica and Megadeth.

    If you thrash, stop what you're doing and pick this up, full-stop.

    And can we just take a moment to admire that ruinous cover art? Gawdang, does this record kill!
  19. The Canterbury Tales
    by Chaucerian Myth
    The Wife of Bath's Tale The Wife of Bath's Tale
    Wonderful and expansive effort to encapsulate one of the most dynamic pieces of literature in the English language. Ambient and synth folk will gain something from the journey, as might curious scholars and readers, who want to here CM's interpretation of a specific tale. CM makes a genuine effort to evoke the mood and personality of each pilgrim and their tale, which makes certain tracks more pleasant, while others are more discordant and eclectic.
  20. Venomous Sorcery Through Hidden Darkness
    A vigourous and blackened effort. Nothing contrived here; honest Black Metal in an older mold. Darkthrone's middle period comes to mind, "Total Death" and "Ravishing Grimness," but that comparison only serves to highlight the rawness and dedication of this killer ep.