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Adam Thomson

  1. Wellington, New Zealand
  2. Metal
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  1. Ayn Randy
    by Ayn Randy
    Paranoid Paranoid
  2. Two Hearts and No Brain
    by Kane Strang
    My Smile Is Extinct My Smile Is Extinct
  3. Play the Vetted Game
    by J Solo Project / Ivy Blue
    J Solo Project J Solo Project
    I'll probably never listen to this tbh because I was THERE and I don't want to ever taint that memory by reliving it via an inferior format.
  4. Degeneration
    by Society
    Sympathised Sympathised
    Reminds me of Godflesh but with Jaz Coleman on vocals. I'm so into it. Do a gig!
  5. Satanic Panic
    by STALKER
    The Mutilator The Mutilator
  6. Patterns In The Ashes
    by Stone Angels
    For The Glory Of None For The Glory Of None
  7. Unearthing
    by Into Orbit
    Equilibrium Equilibrium
  8. Satanic Panic
    by STALKER
    The Mutilator The Mutilator
    Daif's vocals and bass, Calav's noodley bits, and the fisherman's drumming are all awesome as fvkk. Nice one, mates. Time to do a gig!
  9. Disposal Of The Dead // Dharmata
    by Defeated Sanity
    Into The Soil Into The Soil
  10. Grand Maw tape
    by Trepanation
    SIDE 1 - Grand Maw SIDE 1 - Grand Maw
    Straight up AK666 bulldoggery.
  11. Undergrowth
    by Mermaidens
    Cold Skin Cold Skin
    Melodious Lynchian story-telling in music form. A sad, ethereal soundtrack for lost souls, nature dwellers, path seekers, and temple explorers. My favourite release of 2016. Absolutely love it.
  12. Calling to the Universe
    by HEX
    Witches of the Hex Witches of the Hex
  13. Demo 1 2015
    by Veneficium
    3 Mordant Photism Above Cathedrals of Ash 3 Mordant Photism Above Cathedrals of Ash
  14. No Future
    by Tourettes ft Matthew Crawly, Rodi Kirk, Kate Elliott
  15. Still Friends
    by 47 Diamantes
    Hello Hello