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  1. It Feels Like
    by Eunbi Kim
    by Gabriel Kahane
  3. Rose Water
    by Tony Manfredonia
  4. In with the Id Crowd
    by Fake Baseball
  5. High Kicks
    by Tenderheart Bitches
  6. Clever Machines
    by Aaron Jay Myers
  7. FIBS
    by Anna Meredith
  8. Book of Travelers
    by Gabriel Kahane
  9. The Senary
    by Paulie Cohen
  10. cable theory vol. 1
    by Drew Morris
  11. Honey
    by Elan Dantus
  12. Punisher
    by Phoebe Bridgers
  13. Restless Lady- EP
    by Audrey Q
  14. Melodie EP
    by Audrey Q
  15. Where to Find the Blankets
    by Audrey Q
  16. Sleep Songs: Wordless Lullabies for the Sleepless
    by Megan Ihnen, Mezzo-Soprano
  17. accelerationist
    by Leviathant
  18. Some Assembly Required
    by Some Assembly Required
    Adam Schumaker : Click Here! Adam Schumaker : Click Here!
    Thanks for making this CD with all our new music on it. The quality of performance and recording is fantastic, plus the variety on the album makes it a fun listen-through.
  19. emergency shelter intake form
    by Oregon Symphony, Carlos Kalmar, Gabriel Kahane, Alicia Hall Moran
  20. Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice
    by Tammy Evans Yonce