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  1. Sing To God Vol I & II
    by Cardiacs
  2. Temporary Triumph
    by Emme Phyzema
  3. On a Darkened Path
    by AbyssalAegis
  4. Curing Death
    by Laika, The Astro-Hound
  5. Shorts are Comfy and Easy to Wear
    by Emme Phyzema
    Candlemouth Candlemouth
    I love how high the fake harpsichord is still in the mix on this track in particular. Potentially, it could be higher. AND HIGHER. But alas.
  6. CONFINEMENT/release4
    by Jesse Cutts/Heavy Lamb
    All Dust All Dust
    Best tune I heard this year if I didn't count Vermin Mangle. Floored.
  7. An Erstwisle Alphabestiary: Book One
    by Nick Prol & the Proletarians
    Birth Gourd Birth Gourd
    A huge leap forward for weird music and new music alike. I'm now locked in just to know what creature might be lurking next. Kavus Torabi on some spoken bits!
  8. 013
    by The Gasman
    Discus Discus
  9. Susannah's Still Alive (12 single)
    by Cardiacs
    Susannah's Still Alive Susannah's Still Alive
    Are they having a go are they? Oh, Them Cardiacs.
  10. Future Ruins
    by Swervedriver
    Drone Lover Drone Lover
    Cutting lyrics and guitar tones to comfort the uncomfortable. Cataloguing a tragic future, one of the most tragically underrated bands has stepped up.
  11. Network
    by Pacemaker
    NE1b3Nd NE1b3Nd
    Makes me want to throw some burners up on some trains, quicklike, before time runs out
  12. The Bitter Lay
    by Arch Garrison
    Open My Eye Open My Eye
    All the extra psych elements on this album are very well appreciated. How can anyone deny this group now? Craig and James are one of the best teams one could assemble.
  13. Unadulterated Bliss
    by Emme Phyzema
  14. Recording Noises 2
    by The Gasman
    v10sis v10sis
    Right there between something like Venetian Snares and Plaid for me and obviously prolific seven different ways.
  15. Rude Bootleg
    by Cardiacs
  16. Everybody's Got Damage
    by Rob Crow
  17. Instrumental Computer Music
    by The Gasman
  18. Cursed
    by The Scaramanga Six
  19. Pony
    by Spratleys Japs
  20. Day Is Gone (EP)
    by Cardiacs