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  1. Every Night Something Happens
    by Lost Crowns
  2. Blunt Nails In A Sharp Wall
    by Sleepy People
  3. Selected Amiga/BBC Micro Works 85-92
    by Max Tundra
  4. The Divine Abstract
    by Charlie Cawood
    by Spratleys Japs
  6. House of Eleven Corpses
    by Ancient Oscillator
  7. To Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea
    by Vennart
  8. Every Night Something Happens
    by Lost Crowns
    Sound As Colour Sound As Colour
    Too many wrong notes? Maybe, but I've heard the alternative and this is much more preferable. In the "Rock In Opposition" tradition, Lost Crowns doesn't afford you the luxury of an obvious chord change. And it's lavishly entertaining! Either the catchiest Avant garde record or the dodgiest pop record you'll hear in 2019. Richard's writing and vocals are superb as always. Since discovering Cardiacs in 2012 and branching out to related acts, I've continued to hear some of the most inventive stuff out there, and this record takes the cake. Perhaps the crown, if it ever turns up.
  9. Controlled Hallucination
    by The Gasman
  10. Real Estate / Fake Inverno
    by Sterbus
  11. Ditzy Scene (Single)
    by Cardiacs
  12. Guns
    by Cardiacs
  13. Label Sampler
    by Gasmanmusic
  14. Blue Apple Boy - Salient
    by Sleepy People
  15. Massive Irretrievable Data Loss
    by Attraktta
  16. Solar Divination EP
    by Kavus Torabi
  17. House 2
    by The Gasman
  18. memphis in texas
    by Shrubbies
  19. Calcite
    by Meatman
    Axium 1 Axium 1
    I'll be wrapping my head around this one for eras to come. I don't know how he harnesses the gas in this way.
  20. Hiding Place
    by The Gasman
  21. EP
    by Bug Prentice
  22. Aeriform
    by The Gasman
    Motivation Motivation
  23. In Droplet Form
    by Stars In Battledress
  24. Lick My Guacamole Fingers
    by Arugula Oglethorpe
    appears in 1 other collection
  25. Don't Look Down
    by Mr. Lif
  26. Factory Brew
    by Gareth Clarke
  27. The Lillerne Tape
    by Ancient Oscillator
    Outer Acid Outer Acid
  28. Jack the House
    by Various artists
  29. Courses
    by Gareth Clarke
  30. Quartz
    by Meatman
  31. Stephen EvEns sings Evil Twin
    by Stephen EvEns
  32. Music for Champions
    by James Larcombe
    Until The Next Year Until The Next Year
  33. House
    by The Gasman
    Braic Braic
  34. Covert
    by Anonymous Various Artists
    Borg_Acid160bpm Borg_Acid160bpm
  35. It is always now
    by The Gasman
    Outmode Outmode
  36. Secrets And Signals
    by Stars In Battledress
    Polished Floors Polished Floors
    Produced by Tim Smith of Cardiacs! This is a wonderful record, one that doesn't belong squarely to any genre, but recalls things like Henry Cow and The Sea Nymphs to me. Nothing like it.
  37. Weak-base equilibria
    by The Gasman
    Pepsin esters Pepsin esters
    Gasman lost it on this one! Nuts!
  38. Archive
    by The Gasman
    Radium (2004) Radium (2004)
    My favorite track is Radium, so nice it's included twice.
  39. Clearance Bin
    by Snares Man!
  40. pylonesque ep
    by christ.
  41. Revere Reach
    by William D Drake
    The Blind Boy The Blind Boy
    Although the silly bliss of Distant Buzzing doesn't really continue through the remainder of the album, there are some amazing solemn melodies to be found here. Continuing his brilliant talent for adapting poems to song, The Blind Boy is a great standout. Nice for a drive through pastoral outskirts!

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  1. memphis in texas
    by Shrubbies