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The Terrible Blob

  1. Northern Ireland, UK
  2. Metal
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  1. The Armor of Ire
    by Eternal Champion
    I Am The Hammer I Am The Hammer
  2. Motivator
    by High Spirits
    Up and Overture Up and Overture
  3. Electric Conjuring
    by Iron Spell
    Ave Zullbah Ave Zullbah
  4. To Sol A Thane
    by Solstice
    To Sol A Thane To Sol A Thane
  5. Satanic Royalty
    Satanic Royalty Satanic Royalty
  6. 2013
    by High Spirits
    One Last Chance One Last Chance
  7. ARGHOSLENT : Hornets of the Pogrom
    by Drakkar Productions Official
    In Coffles Then Were Led In Coffles Then Were Led
  8. The Warrior's Spell
    by Tarot
    The Warrior's Spell The Warrior's Spell
  9. XX
    by dawnbringer
    North By North North By North
    This sort of took me by surprise, as it didn't seem long since Night of the Hammer came out. I like the material on this EP better. North by North is a cracking tune, and like another commentator, I'd love it if Why did you Leave me was extended. Plus Matt Johnsen guitar solos! Awesome.
  10. You Are Here
    by High Spirits
    When the Lights Go Down When the Lights Go Down
  11. Nasty By Nature
    by Stereo Nasty
    Black Widow Black Widow
  12. New Dark Age
    by Solstice
    The Sleeping Tyrant The Sleeping Tyrant
  13. Another Night
    by High Spirits
    Demons at the Door Demons at the Door
    Chris Black can do very little wrong in my opinion. He's involved in a few great bands already (one of those probably being my favourite metal band ever, Pharaoh). This is another great outfit, but in a more straightforward venture. Sounds like Scorpions to me, catchy tunes, simple but driving rhythm guitar work. Really good listen.
  14. The Dreaming City
    by Starborn
    Cruelty Unchained Cruelty Unchained
    This has some very promising tracks on it. The band seems to have a lot of different elements going on, power metal mostly, but some of the riffs remind me of Death, strangely enough! Interesting band. Look forward to hearing more.
  15. The Reaper's Spiral
    by Terminus
    The Merchant Princes The Merchant Princes
    Awesome album. Might be the best album I've bought in the last few years. It really doesn't waste any time getting to it. I think they sound like a faster, more sci-fi driven version of Visigoth (I have no idea which band came first!), but I prefer this band a wee bit more to those guys. Eagerly await more stuff from them.
  16. Noble Beast
    by Noble Beast
    Behold the Face of your Enemy Behold the Face of your Enemy
    Really enjoyable, riff centric power metal. The first four or five tracks are great. Brilliant performances all round. Well worth the money.
  17. Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman
    Main Theme Main Theme