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  1. The Last Person Awake (Music For: Vol 2)
    by The Reverb Junkie
    Something Good Something Good
    I found it very difficult to pick a favorite track! I was reading about the " loudness wars " and laughed out loud because sounds like something my family would partake in but I prefer quiet especially at nighttime. Will be loving to meditate on these early of the morning and of course late at night, whether I am the last person awake or not ha ha. ♥
    Something Good, Huntress, Cave and Drifting Off are already etched in my memory, but all of the songs are uniquely special, I am grateful for them.
  2. A Complicated Time of Year
    by Michelle Chamuel
    I wasn't ready in the best way for this complicated time of year tune! Time, Love, all aspects of life make each holiday time different, and I agree even when it's not the best year, it's all good even in the complexity. ♥
  3. Shooting Star
    by Dani Shay
    so many reasons why I love this song and the story on you tube as well. most of my reasons don't have words and draw from personal life experiences I have either felt or seen felt in people I love. Often we are loved and connected to people in ways they either don't love us back or that they cannot love us back. That hurts but at the same time the pain is worth the love that had existed, so you keep it in your heart forever. Does a heart have a shooting star inside of it? Oh YES it does!!! :D
    by Franki Love
    Blessings come in all kinds of ways. Today I was Blessed in many ways by this beautiful song. It brought back memories I thought I had forgotten but I just needed to dust them off and let them live again. It's not the first time I was told life is a crazy ride but everytime I'm reminded of it I know it's true and real. I needed this tonight, so very much. yes love is a crazy ride, I am enjoying the curves even if I do lose my mind from time to time, it's alright I am going to hold on tight.
  5. Lavender
    by Half Waif
    I keep replaying the Keep It Out Video on youtube and continue to be intrigued by the feelings and new intricate details that I had missed previously. a song to be cherished on it's own but the visuals of the video and messages its speaks to me adds depth and layers to the sounds I am not sure I would have appreciated as much otherwise. definetley feeling the " magic contact" both audio and artistically visually with the video. ♥
  6. New Year's Eve (2016 Version)
    by Mal Blum
    listening to this for the third time today my honest to goodness reaction was I wonder if I eat guacamole while playing this song if i will get a kiss at midnight? ha ha well it's worth a try *wink* otherwise the answer is always no if you don't take the chance. one of the best new years eve songs I have heard.
  7. Coming Home EP
    by The Glass Child
    Growing Older Growing Older
    hard to pick a song I loved the most but as it's cool weather now where I live and I am feeling nostalgic, I chose Growing Older. Coming Home the whole EP feels like an old friend you hear knocking at the door and let in.. meaning something new but familiar. You are amazed at how much time goes by yet you find new ways to love it. Songs that never get old they only get better the more you listen. Can't listen to the songs just once that is for sure. Beautiful in all the ways.
  8. This Lonely Town
    by The Glass Child
    Listening to these beautiful sounds on a cool fall night I am filled with feelings of abundance, of loyalty, and of a new peace which I had never tempered before. So how could I not love this track? "keep your head held high, I'll be here in the morning" daydreaming and nightdreaming lyrics for me.
  9. Stranger in the Alps
    by Phoebe Bridgers
    too many favorite songs to just pick one so I will be switching it up a lot. Why do I love these songs? Because I know what it feels like to be a living ghost with a rainbow behind my back or maybe it's simply because I love music that is art. makes me feel not so much alone or crazy, the connection between similarities and hope that only music can bring two souls together.
  10. Music For Summer Chores (Vol 1)
    by The Reverb Junkie
    Bampa Bampa
    each song meshes together yet is different from the others as well. Bampa is my favorite because in an odd way reminds me of my home where I live. Listened last night to Ou Oui on repeat and woke up feeling spiritual, light and hopeful. Love all 3 and will def be playing it all year round, chores or not ;)
  11. Coming Home
    by The Glass Child
    What is not to love about this song? You get lost into the feelings then it brings you to a place in your heart that you didn't know existed, so we call it home. Isn't that what music is, the home for the free? on repeat. LOVE it!!
  12. Live in A2
    by Chris DuPont
    Forgiveness (Live) Forgiveness (Live)
    I have been in love with the forgiveness song of Chris DuPont for quite awhile, so had to put it as my favorite here! I love the sounds and message in the song. Studio recordings are wonderful but I do love the live albums, something extra warming about knowing that there is not going to be a retake, and there is always extra flavors to the songs too. My other favorites are Easy Road and Starting Fires, beautiful collection of songs that are gems.
  13. Insights & Turnpikes
    by Michelle Chamuel
    In My Blood In My Blood
    Truth Time- Took me way over an hour to pick my favorite track for Insights & Turnpikes, that is how you know you love something though, when all the parts are your favorite. Love how all the songs go together but each one possess that unique special feeling as well. There is a pop, folk, bluesy feel to the songs in my ears. It's like Lightning that travels from your ears to your heart but it doesn't sting, it tickles and makes you smile. On repeat forever.
  14. This Silence Now
    by The Glass Child
  15. White Spaces
    by The Glass Child
    In this life we are brought together with people, connecting with them, when they are miles away or just down the street because we learn we are not alone. Songs like White Spaces speak that to me. I needed to hear this on this day, for that I am blessed. ♥ That is just a small piece of why I love it, my favorite The Glass Child song by far. Song def in my top ten all time sounds.
  16. Nite Time
    by Ness Nite
    Lilith Lilith
    great mix of lyrics and sounds to get my heart flying high. Bought these early in the morning and getting filled with all the emotions my heart can hold. Love them. Especially Lilith, keep going back to that song....I like playing with dark hearts ;) I get what that lyric is saying haha.
  17. Heartbreak Hits
    by Theo Katzman
    Good to be Alone Good to be Alone
    got the email early this morning for the download and as I sat drinking my coffee became enchanted by the sounds, moved by the lyrics and as the sun came up while listening to Good to be Alone ..knew it had to be my favorite track, thinking it must be mother nature's as well. Definitely going to be on repeat for a long while ♥
  18. Hold Your Hand
    by Hannah Thomas
  19. Eden
    by Ivy Sole
    Garden Garden
  20. two
    by Vicci Martinez
    Tell Me That You Love Me Tell Me That You Love Me
    each song a journey into the heart of an artist, singer, musician that never fails to make me feel. I am not a believer into the phrase "owning" songs they remain the artist songs ...I only feel privileged and blessed to show I appreciate it by sharing and buying a piece of magic that is offered. Love all the songs!!