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  1. Little Neston, UK
  2. Metal
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  1. Dreadful
    by Raised By Owls
  2. Eye The Tide
    by Spaceslug
  3. Mountains & Reminiscence
    by Spaceslug
  4. Orgy of the Vampires [Original Soundtrack Recording]
  5. Quadralith
    by Regulus
  6. Ouroboros
    by Hypatia Lake
  7. s/t
    by Summer Love
  8. Time Travel Dilemma
    by Spaceslug
  9. More True Than Time Thought
    by Hedge Wizard
  10. Big Mean Machine
    by Eyecontact
  11. Hexed [Original Soundtrack Recording]
  12. Necrophiliac Among the Living Dead (Original Soundtrack)
  13. Regulus EP
    by Regulus
  14. Smoke
    by Regulus
  15. Titan Moon EP
    by Regulus
  16. Skyward
    by Forming the Void
  17. Demo
    by Book of Wyrms
  18. Biggus Riffus
    by Biggus Riffus
  19. Mucktub
    by Spaztik Munkey
  20. Lemanis
    by Spaceslug