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  1. The Hiding
    by Kacey Johansing
    Bow and Arrow Bow and Arrow
  2. Catching Currents
    by Fridolijn
    Frame This Frame This
    Oh! i love her voice and the cinematical atmosphere of the production
  3. Wind Between the Horse's Ears - نسیمی میان گوش های اسب
    by Aida Shahghasemi
    Sea of Trees - دریایی از درخت Sea of Trees - دریایی از درخت
    this is a beautiful peace of art. Aida's voice modulations are so intruiguing and fascinating. though i don't speak the language i feel a sort of correspondence to what she's singing
  4. hello I feel the same
    by the innocence mission
    When the One Flowered Suitcase When the One Flowered Suitcase
    i ve known Karen Peris since her collaboration with Natalie Merchant in 1998 and i think she has one of the most beautiful voice around. very delicate and profound at the same time
  5. The Defenestration of St Martin
    by Martin Rossiter
    Drop Anchor Drop Anchor
    Well, i'm still in love with "Gene" and it's obvious i wanted to follow the career of the lead singer. This album is very minimal in sound but very organic in the writing. and i love his voice very much
  6. Live at The Unitarian Church
    by Martin Rossiter
    Three Points on a Compass (Live at The Unitarian) Three Points on a Compass (Live at The Unitarian)