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  1. Merca Zip /2016/
    by Merca Bae
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    now you know how I feel now you know how I feel
  2. Calypso en negro/Dramatic P
    by Imaabs
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    Calypso en negro Calypso en negro
  3. HYPE
    by Imaabs
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    Disolución Disolución
    Imaabs has reached a peak in his novel career. His recent collab with Kali Mutsa shows how versatile can be, respecting his own style and pushing himself forward in order to decolonize dancefloors.
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  5. アイドル、さくら
    by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
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    Belong Belong
  6. Días Perfectos
    by Quiero Club
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Las Propiedades del Cobre Las Propiedades del Cobre
  7. Fiera. Aljarafe. LP.
    by humo 003
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Tan Agustito Tan Agustito
  8. EP3
    by Siete Catorce
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    Percepción Percepción
  9. Aprendiendo a morir
    by Josué Josué
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    Jacarandas Suicidas (prod. DÜNGA BATIDAS) Jacarandas Suicidas (prod. DÜNGA BATIDAS)
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  10. Retumba
    by MULA
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  11. Verano Panorámico
    by Los Wálters
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    Porsche Porsche
  12. Temporada EP
    by Dromedarios Mágicos
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    Ese día no es hoy Ese día no es hoy
    by MORO
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  14. Abstrakt Muzak Compilación Vol. 2, 2015
    by Abstrakt Muzak, Ltd.
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    01 Los Mundos - Hoyo Negro 01 Los Mundos - Hoyo Negro
  15. Chupa Chupa feat. Ms Nina
    by Chico Sonido feat. Ms Nina
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  16. Syndombe Club EP [STK001]
    by Pobvio
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    La Llamada La Llamada
  17. Awake
    by AWWZ
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    Awwz - Awake Awwz - Awake
  18. Massachusetts EP
    by Young Tender
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    Don't Get Me Wrong Don't Get Me Wrong
    A great act from Monterrey.
  19. Principio /// Final
    by Siete Catorce
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    Siempre Siempre
    The so-called music genius, strikes back with this awesome EP. His last record edited by N.A.A.F.I. turned him into one of the most hyped and loved acts in Mexico, even when the music it's darker than the showed in the EP1 (by COCOBASS). 7/14 takes the concept of begining and end to create the sound in-between, the result it's a mix of dark tribal and cumbia.
  20. Terreno adverso
    by Imperia Futura
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    Sobrevivir Sobrevivir
    We have this curse that in states other than the circuit GDL-MTY-CDMX nothing happens musically. Imperia Futura shows us that's totally wrong. Based in the Tamaulipas-Texas borderline city: Reynosa, they're making instrumental rock with a very dark approach. Comes to my mind the Austin TV's first works when I listen to them. Check them out!
  21. Ynfynyt Scroll Spring Mixtape '15
    by Ynfynyt Scroll
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    Sueltate el Dembow Sueltate el Dembow
    This is just the kind of electronic music that I'm looking for this summer. This is just the kind of songs that I like to show my friends and dance really hard at any place. Great revelation for me this Ynfynyty scroll's stuff. If you need some reference to compare just hear a little bit of ZutZut, Lil tantrum or Dinamarca's music. Then you'll understand. :D
  22. Gods of Speed I
    by Gods of Speed
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    01. The Melting Sun 01. The Melting Sun
  23. etc.
    by ESTA.
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    Kali Uchis - Know What I Want(esta. remix) Kali Uchis - Know What I Want(esta. remix)
    Sincerely, I haven't heard about ESTA since (a night, among beers and a lot of clicks in soundcloud) I totally enjoyed his Kali Uchis' cover to "Know what I want". It's awesome, it powers up the song in a very interesting level. Enjoy it!
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  25. . . . .
    by s a l f v m a n
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  26. La MiniTK del Miedo - La Trilogía de la Salvación [2015]
    by La MiniTK del Miedo
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    Bruja Bruja
    Such a weird mixture of rythms, influences and dismal synthethizers we found on this record.
    Sometimes I felt lost among this combination.
    Just enjoyable.
    Maybe 'Bruja' (Tropical) is the best-balanced track.
  27. TOWK (The Only Way I Know) [HTS014] [LAB0056]
    by Pedro ∞ LaDroga (PDR√√DRG)
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    ₱/$/€ - [STBB/294] (2012) ₱/$/€ - [STBB/294] (2012)
    Now a big fan of LaDrogaLab.
    They're making sounds from other worlds.
    TOWK is a collection of ethereal and vaporwaveish rythms made by 'pedrito'-ladroga. Check out his videos.
  28. Sílice
    by Aurora
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    Texcoco Texcoco
    Minimalistic rock pop and one of the best albums cover in years.
    'Sílice' flows as a beautiful, pale and warm spring evening.
  29. Vladimir
    by Vladimir
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    03. Mounstr-oh! 03. Mounstr-oh!
    I simply love surf.
    The best surf(-ish) record since 2007 FACA's "Mi Deporte Favorito".
  30. Friends
    by Paperworks
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    Nocturna (ft. canooooopy) Nocturna (ft. canooooopy)
    I recently knew the Mexico-based netlabel PIRA.MD records, but thy've been in the business since 2011. In "Friends" we find a collection of collaborations, new waves on hip-hop and deep beats.
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  31. Ep 2
    by las hermanas
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    Honestly, buying "Las Hermanas" EP2, wasn't my original intention. I was trying to buy the EP1 :/ but I was amazed when I noticed that it is just an EP1's extension. I call it New colombian ambient.
  32. Double Youth
    by Helado Negro
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    Invisible Heartbeat Invisible Heartbeat
    I just saw the video "Invisible heartbeat" and it's hypnotizing! This guy's a genius!
  33. Homínido [EXTASIS016]
    by Spaceseeds
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    Wind Wind
    Éxtasis Records is building (along with NAAFI) an identity for the made-in-México electronic music. Futuristic sounds from the past.
  34. Amansara
    by Chancha Via Circuito
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    Jardines ft. Lido Pimenta Jardines ft. Lido Pimenta
    One of the best records of the year. Doin' the things in the animal-collective-way, CHVC made the most succesful approach to the new andino electronic music.
  35. internet lust
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    online online
    It sounds like the "Papa Soltero"s soundtrack. And I love it.
    The vaporwave has arrived to Baires.
  36. Keluar
    by Keluar
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    Cleo Cleo
    Awesome synths and really dark atmospheres.