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  1. Today your life is worthless
    by Raw mud
    Another ruthless crust attack by these lads! It just came out as a surprise and shortly after their debut ''No Future''... and what a surprise!

    I really hope these guys will open a facebook page so I can follow them easier, but meanwhile I'll just enjoy this veil of mistery drowned in abrasiveness.

    Few bands are this energic and relentless, while still remaning tight. The vocals also seem to be quite harsher on this one!

    They're also darker than the average crust/hardcore band!

  2. Live at Laituri
    by Obduktio
  3. Obduktio
    by Obduktio
    Obduktio is a metalpunk band massively influenced by Repulsion, but without sounding like a lame copycat band AT ALL!

    You can hear these guys drew inspiration from the best and most rotten bands and sub-genres of both sides (extreme metal and hardcore punk/crust), merging everything together with a really filthy sound, insane sounding vocals and LOTS of energy!

    Obduktio aims right at your throat and beware... because they don't miss it!
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  4. Demo
    by Black Raptus
    Psycho God Psycho God
    Utterly evil black metal done like those who know do, packing a punch of punk attitudine right in your throat!

    Black Raptus plays an intriguing blend, mixing the right balance of black metal influences with those of hardcore punk (like the old harbringers did)!
    It's dismal and feral black metal, with compelling guitar riffs, murky atmospheres, ferocious vocals and mistreated drums!

    These blokes play fuckin' HARD and they mean it!

  5. Batcave Full Of Bastards
    by Fukpig
    Batcave Full Of Bastards Batcave Full Of Bastards
    The title-track is one of the first crust songs I remember listening to, along with Deviated Instinct' Stormcrow, their version of Listen to the Sirens, Cybergod by Nausea and the whole North of Nowhere and Police Bastard records by Instinct of Survival and Doom!

    Memorable riffs and insanely decadent, kind of black metal-like vibe, with rotten vocals to complete the package! I'm glad I found this on Bandcamp too (and for a reasonable price as well)!
  6. Arnaut Pavle
    by Arnaut Pavle
    Arnaut Pavle had very clear ideas in mind right from the start!

    This is their first release and they were already playing stuff akin to the LP they released years later, perhaps just a bit more on the punk side (and less black-thrashy) and surely with a rawer, dirtier sound!
  7. split Ruinas - Avitacion 101
    by ruinas
    Yet another great release by the mighty Ruinas.

    Delve into a rifftastic world of despair and decay!
  8. demo 2013
    by ruinas
    This is STENCHCORE.

    Enough said!
  9. Serpent's Curse (Death Metal)
    by HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International)
  10. ...And You Will Obey Me (Death Metal/Crust)
    by DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN (International)
    Pretty cool crust-influenced death metal with (ex-BOLT THROWER) Dave Ingram on vocals!
  11. Ritual Executions (Sludge/Death Metal)
    by THE DEAD (Australia)
    I am speechless.
    I have no words to describe the greatness of this record.

    Dark, evocative, sometimes psychedelic and really really heavy!
  12. Diseased (Death Metal/Crust)
    by BONES (US)
  13. Rituals (Death Metal)
    by CRAWL (Sweden)
    Pretty good hardcore-tinged Entombed worship.
  14. Total Destruction (Grindcore/Crust)
    by MARGINAL (Belgium)
    Fairly neat crust hailing from Visions-of-War-land!
  15. Soul Harvest
    by Void Terror
    Seed of Corruption Seed of Corruption
    Fat sound, great riffs, unearthly vocals and some seriously spectral atmospheres.

    To put it simple, it's just TOTAL DESTRUCTION.
  16. Demo
    I have literally no idea why I bought it so late: I heard it countless times already!

    This thing is a masterpiece and yet again proof that ''demo'' doesn't mean anything lately... they're just straight up EPs!

    This should be shown to all the hipsters playing this kind of music with shitty attitude and sounds, all nice and tidy and blah blah... this is meant to be DIRTY and IMPOLITE, just like this!

    FFO: early Electric Wizard, sludge, crust and trippy shit!

    oh and btw ALL HAIL BOLT THROWER!
  17. Sentient Divide
    by Sentient Divide
    Sentient Divide Sentient Divide
    I heard Bloodgate first, so I already mentioned how great this band is from a musical standpoint. They perfected their sound with their next release but all the songs were already in here.

    Then I'll mention how smartly written are the lyrics... umpteenth evidence of how great this band really is (because lyrics are also very important in music, but they get overlooked too often... not by these folks, though)!

    Prepare to delve into the despair and decay of modern day societies.
  18. Demo#1
    by Tenebro
    Seppellendo I Morti Seppellendo I Morti
    The reverbered, unending snare at the start reminds us all of our impending doom.

    Everything is reductive to describe this piece of filth.

    This is the peak of horror music: any comparison with Mortician doesn't hold up. Pressing play, you enter a realm so bleak it makes you give up all hope.

    Immersive vibes, a guitar tone as ugly as few, Lucio Fulci sampling and horrifying riffs mould this incredibly oppressive and rotten demo! It's as nasty as ruthlessly stabbing infants!
  19. Demo 2019
    by skulld
    Skulld is a really interesting band that is bound to make great things!

    It's this weird mix of black metal and death metal, but with a clear hardcore/crust influence.
    It's a formula so trivial it becomes unbelievably original, because no one seems to have thought of it before: a black/death metal band with yelled punk vocals. As simple as that.

    No metal band would accept such a vocalist, but these punks did (and we thank them for that)!

    I HAVE to see them live and lose my teeth in a mosh!
  20. Tour Tape 2018
    by Ensepulcher
    Ensepulcher seems to be turning a bit towards a more straightforwardly death metal direction, but the crust influence is still very much audible.

    I personally prefer No Sanctity in Death, but this is great too! Nice riffs, cavernous vocals, mistreated drums and a filthy sound. There isn't much more you can ask for...
  21. Nosotros los Etxegiña
    by Etxegiña
    Usually, I don't like melodic or epic stuff, but this band fills me with hope for their future releases.

    This song, with its war themes and anarchist vibe really gets me. The riffs are nice, the sound's nice and they're definitely onto something interesting...

    Also, they sing about spanish history and IN SPANISH... and I think that's great!

    I'm curious to hear more!
  22. No Sanctity in Death
    by Ensepulcher
    Intro/No Sanctity in Death Intro/No Sanctity in Death
    Time ago, Ensepulcher surprised me as one of the first bands that made me discover the beauties of Bandcamp and the rising of an underground scene so good as to leave you in awe (in these times when lazy and boring people keeps arguing that there isn't the music of the ''good old days'' anymore)!

    They went off my radar for a while because I really wanted the tape. Now I'm starting to love my digitals more with each day, so here I am.

    It's rotten death metal with the best of d-beat thrown in!
  23. Mortal Column
    by Distant Fear
    Distant Fear are a strange brew, that's for sure. I had to wait some time (and different listens) to process my thoughts on this EP and put them into words, even though I liked them from the start.

    Perhaps, it's something like punks playing the finest kind of black metal, while delving into the realms of crust and with an interest for slow death metal. Also, the muddy sound and reverb create an hypnotic atmosphere.. and the bass sound is so dirty it's lovely!

    Mesmerizing stuff!
  24. Winfield demo
    by Total Isolation
    In 2019 it's pointless to talk about demos because of the outstanding quality of most and this is the umpteenth proof of this.

    I discovered this EP thanks to Desert Wasteland's page (their AWESOME label) and I was totally blown away. I looked for their own page and found out that my guess was right: these guys love crust punk and they're coherent too (pay your price!)...

    Just the intro alone proves their greatness. This is death metal/crust at its best! Stenchcore legions: arise!

  25. Live From The Abyss
    by Exors
    This is music to get drunk to!

    I hope they'll keep releasing live recordings because the dirty sound and vibe of this really suits them well.

    For fans of Sacrilege, stenchcore, metalpunk, metallic crust and all the good shit.
  26. 2014 EP
    by Gonguri
    Gonguri is PURE FILTH!

    A festering sound, demonic vocals, great riffs... it's got everything you need and more!

    If you're into sludge, slow death metal and stenchcore you HAVE to hear this. FFO: Coffins, Eyehategod, Cancer Spreading, etc.

    Seoul is the new New Orleans!
  27. Legge di Gravità
    by Egodystonia
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  28. No future
    by Raw mud
    Uncompromising hardcore/crust from the Sovietlands!

    Russia's punk scene is growing stronger and stronger each day that passes... America is huge, but Russia is on the map as well!

    They always offer merciless sonic attacks driven by great influences and ideas and this band is no exception. I'm stoked to hear more!

    P.S. Is that an HM-2 which I hear?
  29. Demo
    by Morbid Scum
    I have the tape, but I had to get it digital as well, just to talk about it.

    This demo shows to the world one of the most promising and best stenchcore bands around! The sound is rotten and massive, the riffs are perfect, the arrangements are as well and the dual vocals are as filthy as a post-nuclear wasteland!

    Overall, it really kills and I can't reccomend it enough. (And go see them live!)
  30. Split tape with Ascidie
    by Morbid Scum
    Morbid Scum just surprised us by unexpectedly releasing this new tape that is a live recording from one of their shows.

    Quality is top-notch, the songs yet again feature an IMPRESSIVE energy and some memorable riffs and then, the vocals tell you that what you see is what you get, with this band: they sound exactly like they do on record, just even more pissed off!

    The other side (Ascidie) is really good too and they released it as a free download, so make sure to take a look at that as well!
  31. HEXX
    by HEXX
    I don't really know if I should call this stenchcore or not, but it surely resembles such sounds and filthiness.

    One thing is for sure, though: these lads undoubtedly know how to make some noise!

    It's the usual mixture of extreme metal and the dirtier and noisier sides of hardcore which really appeals to me. I stumbled across this band thanks to a Youtube link and I'm glad I did.

    Awesome sound, GREAT riffs and rhythms and the vocals are really nasty!
  32. Arnaut Pavle
    by Arnaut Pavle
    This is a great black metal punk record from a band that clearly remembers the roots of the genre. offering a strong black metal record with massive punk and black-thrash influences. Plus, they've got energy to sell.

    And THE RIFFS are there, so go get it!

    (Extra kudos for the ''pay your price'' policy!)
  33. Bloodgate
    by Sentient Divide
    This is everything I love in music... I could say this about many releases I have in my collection, but there are just so many good bands and records...

    Dividing the underground extreme metal scene and the punk/crust one is pointless and this EP proves it once again.

    Fat sound, great ideas and the perfect blend of crust and stenchcore with black metal and death metal. Plus... dual vocals!

    LOVE IT!
  34. 'S/T' 7"
    by Death Evocation
    I avoided this one for SO long, because of the hugely reverbered and low-in-the-mix vocals. Finally, I decided to give it another chance and... yeah, whatever if the voice isn't mixed greatly: this thing RULES!

    The riffs are all killer, the pace is perfect, the songwriting is out of this world and the sound is truly CRUSHING!

    If you're into stenchcore, metallic crust, thrash and the likes of Sacrilege, Bolt Thrower, Effigy, Lifeless Dark, etc. you will play the heck out of this!
  35. Calcified Trophies of Violence
    by Ossuarium
    I bought this demo just to support the band, but what really shines is their LP ''Living Tomb''. This demo is just ''standard old-school death metal'', which is okay, but it's not even particularly good OSDM, if compared to what some other bands are doing.

    Living Tomb, on the other hand, is a record so deep that it's pushing the boundaries of death metal, while still keeping in mind the core elements of the genre! That's what EVERY record should do!
  36. axis of stupidity
    by instinct of survival
    Instinct of Survival doing what they do best (filthy, rotten stenchcore)!
  37. Demo 2019
    by ZYANOSE
    Silence pt 2 Silence pt 2
    Zyanose' swan song before the final tour and their disbanding.

    The punk scene will forever miss these crazy and funny japanese pals. See them live and support them while you still can!

    They put on one hell of a show!
  38. Mondezzaio Nazionale
    by Egodystonia
    Grind madness with insane blast beats, chainsaw guitar, a growling, fatter and doom-like take on Motorhead's bass tone and PERFECT lyrics and sampling!
    It really captures the vibe of these days' hell on earth and for future evil to come...

    If ridiculously fast, muddy and low-end driven grindcore is your thing, this feels like home!
  39. Obsessed by the Macabre (demo)
    by Gravesite
    If you're into old-school Stockholm-style death metal, you can't really go wrong with this one!

    Three tracks of pure madness... not even ONE bad riff, abused drums and rotten, distinctive vocals!

    It sounds like if Dismember embraced more of the crustier side of early Entombed and threw it in a death-doom blender, along with a perfectly raw production!
  40. 7" split with Cancer Spreading
    Two tracks of pure raw energy (from a split with another badass band) consisting of little more than 5 minutes of awesome metal punk mayhem!

    Also, the title is one of the best ever: it depicts nuclear wasteland drunkards fighting for their lives! It's as good as it gets!

    (P.S. Don't forget to listen to the other side of the split as well. If putrid stenchcore is your thing, you'll love it... it's the rising of one of the best stenchcore bands around, ever!)
  41. New Year of Violence
    by Egodystonia
    New Year of Violence New Year of Violence
    Great old-school grindcore the way it's meant to be!

    It's completely bullshit-free and it's 5 minutes of punk soiled grind in the vein of Cripple Bastards and Brutal Truth.

    Pissed off vocals, raging guitar riffs, distorted as hell bass, lyrics that aren't trivial and a HUGE production... and d-beats! You've gotta love this!
  42. Z2 - Judgement Daze
    It's like if Black Flag took a taller, blonder Danzig with boobs as vocalist.

    I can't really say much more, except that it captures your attention completely from the first to the last second, with decadent and pessimistic vibes that explode into pure rage and anger.

    AWESOME riffs, kicking drums, deep bass to fullfill and drive everything, perfect production and just as perfect vocals. It's a HUGE step from their first LP and it's a real shame they broke up.

    Support it, though!
  43. Refinery
    by Maximum Sexy Pigeon
    If you're into SYL, early Fear Factory and overall old-school industrial/industrial metal, you'll LOVE this!

    These two australian lads surely know what they're doing! They take an extreme approach to old-school industrial, writing synth-heavy but still riff-driven tunes in the vein of old-school 90s (and let's say even early '00s) industrial!

    It's like extreme metal music blended with electronics, with a touch of Hevy Devy-inspired melody! What's not to love in this?!
  44. Stagnation ST EP
    by Stagnation
    On ''Shall Be Turned'' you can definetely see the Repulsion influence! That's really great.

    Apart from that, it's great crust/stenchcore in the vein of the old-school 80s/90s one! Oh yeah!

  45. MES - 07: Stagnation 2027 EP
    by Stagnation
    Midnight Sun Midnight Sun
    What can I say: it's really great crust-stained death metal (or death-tinged crust, depending how you look at it). It gives me Left Hand Path vibes but with a more prominent crust feeling. No wonder these guys are/were great: they cite Bolt Thrower, Grave and two of my favourite bands (Entombed and Repulsion!) as influences and they're groundbreaking stenchcore.