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George Williams

  1. Seattle, Washington
  2. Metal
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  1. Death Posture
    by Into the Flood
    Death Posture Death Posture
  2. Beacons
    by Cloudkicker
    Oh, god. Oh, god.
    This album just had the most amazing atmosphere and range it varies widely and throws you through tremendous emotions. I never get sick of it listening over and over as I so often do.
  3. Intortus EP
    by i built the sky
    Undulatus Undulatus
    I really enjoy instrumental music, and I Built the Sky really has some of the compositional depth reminiscent of old FUGE. What i see as awesome Forum Djent made by musicians for musicians but listenable by emotion and progression as well. The pick scrape riff in "Undulatus" is super rad and captivating. The shredding solo in Intortus is excellent as well.
  4. Titan
    by Anup Sastry
    Titan Titan
  5. Embryonic Emission
    by Toxic Grind Machine
    Hymnlock Hymnlock
  6. Three
    by Numbers
    Empty Eyes Empty Eyes
    Tight, groovy, catchy and intense Numbers hones their fusion of electronic and metal influences into something truly unique and memorable.
  7. Clear
    by Periphery
    The Summer Jam The Summer Jam
  8. Translucidus (Featuring Sithu Aye)
    by i built the sky
    Translucidus (Featuring Sithu Aye) Translucidus (Featuring Sithu Aye)
  9. Aeons
    by Stealing Axion
    Lost Awakening Lost Awakening
  10. Source of Isolation
    by Friend For A Foe
    The Sky And The Fall The Sky And The Fall