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  1. Volatility
    by Overwrought
  2. demo(n)s II
    by Gallowmaker
  3. Demo 2019
    by Inexorable
  4. What Kind Of World Do We Live In? E.P.
    by Glen Manola
  5. Prajecyrujučy Sinhuliarnaje Wypramieńwańnie Daktryny Absaliutnaha J Usiopahłynaĺnaha Zła Skroź Šaścihrannuju Pryzmu Sîn-Ahhī-Erība Na Hipierpawierchniu Zadyjakaĺnaha Kaŭčęha Zasnawaĺnikaŭ Kosmatęchničnaha Ordęna Palieakantakta...
    by Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum
  6. Misbegotten
    by Melancholia
  7. Recollapse of the Universe
  8. Urraca
    by Sunless
  9. Animal Man
    by Pink Guy
    by Sanity Obscure (SG)
  11. Demo 2018
    by Overwrought
  12. The Euphonic Collection, Vol. 1
    by The Artisan Era
  13. The Forbidden
    by Thonis
  14. Before the Eyewall
    by Before the Eyewall
    Was fortunate enough to see these guys live, some of the best psychedelic/ambient doom metal I have ever experienced. A must own album.
  15. Monument of Depravity
    by Iconic Vivisect
    Flesh Puppet Flesh Puppet
    The most brutal death since Disgorge, very underrated and overlooked album.
    by komarov
  17. Perfect World Creation
    by Dark Matter Secret
    Ancient Gods Genesis Ancient Gods Genesis
    Cosmic Tech Death that potentially surpasses the likes of Obscura in innovation...All my friends are loving it, its blowing their minds.
  18. Standards
    by Melichrone
    My Favourite Things My Favourite Things
    Jazz and Dance standards in Black Metal? WTF is there NOT to love? 5 stars
  19. Odyssey
    by HOME
    Resonance Resonance
    The only song I need to listen to is Resonance....until I hear the rest of the album :D
  20. The Cuntback: Sounds Like Shit Volume 3 (Japanese Deluxe Edition)
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. Cloak of Skies (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
  22. Redemption (Spiritual Black/Death Metal)
    by PRELUDIUM (Poland)
  23. Ancient Extradigestional Rites
    by Daemogog
    Very Unique Ambient Black project in the vein of Deathspell Omega
  24. Urraca
    by Sunless
    Windswept Rock Windswept Rock
    Genius, Gorguts inspired dissonance.
  25. Wishful Lotus Proof
    by Jakub Zytecki
    This guy is a pure genius. Best fusion I've ever heard in my life next to Shawn Lane. So emotive
  26. Infinite Fields
    by Irreversible Mechanism
    Infinite Fields Infinite Fields
    This is a magnificent album with a spectacular production. It takes elements of The Faceless and Obscura and mixes with dynamics and phrasing beyond the latter. A very integral and fresh approach. Excellent album, a must own!!
  27. Unlorja
    by Journal
    Some of the craziest and technical mathcore I have ever heard. Luminous and Mystical, while at the same time perplexingly complex, these two polarities converge to meet at excellence. As in the definition the Terminator gave, to excel above all the others.