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  1. Emotinium
    by Roy of The Ravers
  2. Fourth Chapter
    by Hornsey Hardcore
  3. Top of The League For Acid!!!!
    by Roy of The Ravers
  4. Heading For A Feast of Acid!!!!
    by Roy of The Ravers
  5. Machine Heavy
    by Chris Moss Acid
  6. Memory Child
    by T&K Crew
  7. Wake Up
    by Posthuman
  8. Balkan Allstars
    by Various Artists
  9. 全集 ~The Complete Works of M-Neko~
    by M-Neko
  10. Boring Kingdom
    by Acidulant
  11. 80864 (DATA051)
    by GOTO80
  12. Seven Force #4
    by nordloef, Musho
  13. Blood Eagle (The Remixes)
    by Sabrepulse
  14. First Crush
    by Sabrepulse
  15. Keygeneration
    by Dunderpatrullen
  16. Defend Your Ramp (Deluxe Edition)
    by _ensnare_ and Inspector Vector
  17. Paragon
    by Sabrepulse
  18. Blood Eagle
    by Sabrepulse
  19. Terra & Titan
    by Sabrepulse
  20. First Crush
    by Sabrepulse