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  1. NO
    by Boris
    by HEALTH
  3. Wake Up (Arcade Fire Cover)
    by Spotlights
  4. WANEELLA tunes: The Album (Vol.1)
    by e.sanchillo
  5. WANEELLA tunes: The Album (Vol.2)
    by e.sanchillo
  6. The Real Folk Blues
    by Mason Lieberman, Yoko Kanno, Shihori, Úyanga Bold, Raj Ramayya, Substantial, Mega Ran, Red Rapper
  7. Ten Times the World Lied
    by bvdub | Brock Van Wey
  8. these are not your dreams (EP trilogy)
    by sleepmakeswaves
  9. Nowhere Now Here
    by MONO
  10. Love & Decay
    by Spotlights
  11. Animated Violence Mild
    by Blanck Mass
  12. Tunes 2011 to 2019
    by Burial
  13. Brickbat
    by Piroshka
    by KMFDM
  15. Dark Venture Original Soundtrack
    by Errant Space
  16. 20 YEARS: B SIDE
    by Ohm Resistance
  17. 20 YEARS: A SIDE
    by Ohm Resistance
  18. Sagrada Reset
    by Rayons
    An absolutely beautiful score! Discovered by chance on bandcamp, which led to watching the anime & I'm so glad I did. A unique story, with beautiful music that matches it perfectly!
  19. Geist Fibre
    by Gore Tech
    Thermoptics Thermoptics
    A new standard has been set. Geist Fibre encapsulates everything I enjoy about drum&bass/dub. Quite possibly the most satisfying electronic record i've heard in years!
  20. 'Distant Lands' tour split 7"
    by sleepmakeswaves