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  1. American Football (LP2)
    by American Football
  2. Psychopomp
    by Japanese Breakfast
  3. Soft Sounds From Another Planet
    by Japanese Breakfast
  4. Golden Year // LP
    by Husbands
  5. Wet Baes | Youth Attraction
    by Wet Baes
  6. Sleepless Dreamer
    by Pearl Charles
    by HIGHS
  8. Fazerdaze EP
    by Fazerdaze
  9. Let The World Be Flooded Out
    by La Louma
    Tin Roof Now Tin Roof Now
  10. The Muse and the Devil
    by Helena Ruth
    Wife of Ruin Wife of Ruin
  11. The Dawn That Gxd Misplaced (ft. psithurist)
    by Helena Ruth & psithurist
    outtake (i want to lose).m4a outtake (i want to lose).m4a