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  1. Baby
    by Born Without Bones
    Stone Stone
  2. New Moon
    by Elliott Smith
    New Monkey New Monkey
    Anything is better than nothing.
  3. From A Basement On The Hill
    by Elliott Smith
    The Last Hour The Last Hour
  4. (Sandy) Alex G Covers Compilation
    by Z Tapes
    Change Change
  5. Jokes
    Life Was Real. Vital. Urgent. Important/Bum Guts Life Was Real. Vital. Urgent. Important/Bum Guts
  6. RACE
    by Alex G
    Things to Do Things to Do
  7. Mahogany
    by Forth Wanderers
    Caramel Emotion Caramel Emotion
  8. Self-Titled
    by It Looks Sad.
    Ocean Ocean
    by Alex G
    Talking Talking
    maybe it'll take some time
  10. the book about my idle plot on a vague anxiety
    by toe
    tremolo + delay tremolo + delay
  11. strawberry
    later, nerd later, nerd
  12. Molly
    by Alex g.
  13. Boring Ecstasy: The Bedroom Pop of Orchid Tapes
    Cards Cards
  14. Split 7" with R.L. Kelly
    by Alex G
    Magic Mirror Magic Mirror
  15. return
    by blue smiley
    bird bird
    good shit
  16. Malaga
    by Nicknames
    Green Thumb Green Thumb
  17. Philly
    by start-track
    Tired Tired
  18. Kaiju
    by It Looks Sad.
    Nagoya Nagoya
  19. Either/Or: Expanded Edition
    by Elliott Smith
    Ballad of Big Nothing (remastered) Ballad of Big Nothing (remastered)
    I dont think I would still be here today without having Elliott's music to lean on.
  20. Internet Connection
    by Talk, Tired Thanatoid
    Everything's Cool Everything's Cool