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  1. April Fools
    by the scary jokes
    Catabolic Seed Catabolic Seed
  2. Live From The Fox Theater
    by Nickel Creek
  3. Monkfish Mix-Up At Farmers' Market
    by Paul Carbuncle
  4. Teenage Halloween
    by Teenage Halloween
    Turn Right, Goes Straight Turn Right, Goes Straight
    Dang, this album is great the whole way through. Super energy
  5. It's All Cake?
    by Popskyy
    It's All Cake? It's All Cake?
    The tempo change on this song is incredible. What a great buildup
  6. Ooblets OST Vol. 1
    by Pedro Silva
    Battle! - Put Some Love Into It Battle! - Put Some Love Into It
    big bird world vibes from this album.
  7. セーブデータとほうき星
    by ああああ(AAAA)
    letters to lovely days letters to lovely days
    Pretty sure I listened to this song repeatedly about 50 times by now
  8. Little Fox Adventure
    by Tenkitsune & Friends
    Kittens Express Kittens Express
    I sing along to this album constantly. And then I'm like, wait, this song doesn't have LYRICS. How am I SINGING ALONG TO IT it just happens and it's magical.
  9. No Dogs Allowed
    by Sidney Gish
    Where The Sidewalk Ends Where The Sidewalk Ends
    I've listened to this album probably...100-200 times by now. Every month, I feel like I end up with a new different favorite song when I listen to it.
  10. BURN PYGMALION!!! A Better Guide to Romance
    by the scary jokes
    Community Gardens (feat. Louie Zong) Community Gardens (feat. Louie Zong)
    "Full Disclosure, I am a monster, a creature of despair, not that that should be a cause for concern." - What an iconic opening line to an amazing adventure of an album. I can only dream of writing something so simple, yet so foreboding. You owe it to yourself to listen to the first song, even if the non-traditional chord progressions on the songs don't strike your fancy.
  11. Driving
    by Bashful
    On My Way Out On My Way Out
    Thank you punk music, you keep me driving even when the times are hard.
  12. bad at math
    by the scary jokes
    the daughter of the fish and the ram the daughter of the fish and the ram
    "the daughter of the fish and the ram" - what an epic tale for the ages
  13. Pipe Dream
    by Apes of the State
    Tyrone Tyrone
    So much of folk punk takes on the tone of separation from others to find yourself, and it's so refreshing to have a song like "Dear Mom" which acknowledges the importance connecting with others has in our lives. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful.
  14. Perpetual Motion People
    by Ezra Furman
    Lousy Connection Lousy Connection
    This song evokes a real mood. It feels like it was written 100 years ago, considering our modern times, accentuated by the doo-wop chorus. This makes me feel absolutely transported into another universe. I mean, imagine writing this line in today's world: "This century seems like it's turning out okay..."
  15. Queer As Folk
    by Grace Petrie
    Beeswing Beeswing
  16. Show Me The Blueprints.
    by Days N Daze
    Saboteurs Saboteurs
    This song really moved me. It spoke to some of the troubles I've been having recently, and made me feel a little less alone in them. "It's like ten seconds ago, everything was fine and dandy but now everything is fucked. And there ain't no rhyme or reason for my seething I just wanna be okay but I feel stuck." Thank you.
  17. tuxarumba
    by igitur
    purple critter gang purple critter gang
  18. Giver Taker
    by Anjimile
    Giver Taker Giver Taker
  19. TRANSGENRE - A Benefit Compilation Album for Trans Lifeline
    by Various Artists
  20. Them's Fightin' Herds (Complete Recordings - Story Mode: Arizona)
    by Stuart Ferguson & Whitetail