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Abraxas Jinx

  1. Durham, North Carolina
  2. Experimental
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  1. Jonts
    by Drew Dave
    Welcome Welcome
  2. Sunrot (self titled EP)
    by Sunrot
    Light Eater Light Eater
    This is some finely crafted melodic noise metal! Excellent use of textures and samples.
  3. Split 7"
    by WARMTH / Yellow Swans
    Demode Demode
  4. About Time/Infant Rhumba 7" (2012)
    by Inspector 22
    Infant Rhumba Infant Rhumba
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Anchorite
    by MANTLE
    8 Burials 8 Burials
    Thought-out riffers in a cold sweat.
  6. Behold a Pale Lincoln
    by MANTLE
    The Mines of Mare Imbrium The Mines of Mare Imbrium
    A dredge rock slug of cobra venom.
  7. Meat Ditch
    by Bongripper / Winters in Osaka
    Meat Ditch Meat Ditch
  8. From My Head To Yours
    by The Staton Embassy
    Fuck Asheville, Part Two! Fuck Asheville, Part Two!
    This album is a motivational montage of the sonic equivalents to a dream diary to-do list.