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  1. Single Rider
    by Jenn Champion
    Time to Regulate Time to Regulate
  2. Dreamgirl
    by Dreamgirl
  3. Big Ambition
    by Super Bummer
    Heart Against A Feather Heart Against A Feather
  4. The Other
    by King Tuff
  5. It's All Good / Nobody Cares
    by Superorganism
    Nobody Cares Nobody Cares
  6. The Wild
    by The Rural Alberta Advantage
  7. Werewolf Diskdrive
    by Werewolf Diskdrive
    It Is What It Isn't And It Isn't What It Is It Is What It Isn't And It Isn't What It Is
  8. In Your Heart You Know She's Clarke and the Himselfs
    by Clarke and the Himselfs
  9. To Feel Small
    by Valley Hush
  10. Don't Wait
    by Valley Hush
  11. My Spirit Sister
    by Joshua James
    Golden Bird Golden Bird
  12. OUH LÀ LÀ
    by JUNIORE
  13. Garden Exercise
    by Nearby
  14. The Vicissitudes
    by Goodman
    ...Wake Up America... ...Wake Up America...
  15. Hard Love
    by Strand of Oaks
  16. The Impossible Kid
    by Aesop Rock
    Shrunk Shrunk
  17. House Dreams
    by Drugstore Ghost
    Vinegar & Honey Vinegar & Honey
  18. HalloWIN
    by Chiptunes = WIN
  19. Away
    by Okkervil River
  20. Marlon Williams
    by Marlon Williams
    Dark Child Dark Child
  21. Pink Cloud EP
    by Pegboard Nerds
    Pink Cloud (feat. Max Collins) Pink Cloud (feat. Max Collins)
    Pegboard Nerds is one of the very BEST EDM acts out there right now. The vocals on this EP make it difficult to warm up to at first, but the Nerds never fail to make my body want to move, and all my reservations get stomped into the dancefloor.
  22. La fin du monde 7"
    by Juniore
    La fin du monde La fin du monde
  23. Juniore / Debut 7"
    by Juniore
    Dans le noir Dans le noir
  24. Marabout EP
    by Juniore
    Je fais le mort Je fais le mort
  25. Being No One, Going Nowhere
    by STRFKR
    Something Ain't Right Something Ain't Right
    This band has always known how to marry sounds to make something that sounds so intricately stitched together it will never come undone. No matter how vigorously you dance around in it.
  26. Slowing Down
    by Daniel G. Harmann
  27. Chronicles Of The Wasteland / Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    by Le Matos
  28. Evaluation Copy
    by Ryan Queen
  29. the body light
    by Josh Benash
  30. Raptor
    by F-777
    Mountain Flowers 3 Mountain Flowers 3
  31. Infinity
    by Shirobon
    Shibuya Shibuya
    by WORKOUT
  33. Prosthetic Love (Piano) 7”
    by TYPHOON
  34. Blushing in the Night EP
    by Super Bummer
    Buffalo Bride Buffalo Bride
  35. Space Force
    by Rymdkraft
    Cake Blaster Cake Blaster
  36. 2nite EP
    by TWRP
    The Hit (feat Ninja Sex Party) The Hit (feat Ninja Sex Party)
  37. Mark & Miss EP
    by Mark & Miss
    Some Dreams Some Dreams
  38. White Mountains
    by Daniel G. Harmann
    It's Fine, It's Fine It's Fine, It's Fine
  39. Come a Little Closer
    by she
    Listen Listen
    by Slime Girls
  41. Medallion
    by Lost Lander
    Trailer Tracks Trailer Tracks
  42. O'Death - Friends & Family compilation Vol. 1 & 2
    by o'death
    Heal in the Howling Heal in the Howling
  43. Lowpines
    by Lowpines
    Call Off The Hunt (Bonus Track) Call Off The Hunt (Bonus Track)
  44. The First Year
    by Graveyard Orbit
    Swimmers Swimmers
  45. Gems And Bones
    by The Woodlands
    Hold You Tonight Hold You Tonight