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  1. Disco
    by Windigo
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  2. Delta 2015 Demo
    by Delta
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    Doorways Doorways
  3. Earthborn Evolution
    by Beyond Creation
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    Elusive Reverence Elusive Reverence
  4. Voyeur
    by War From a Harlots Mouth
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    Scopophobia Scopophobia
    First thing I heard from these guys was Vertigo, which blew my mind with those 8 string triplets of destruction. Scopophobia is my other favourite due to the beautiful transition into clean vocals that give a lot of emotion to the song :) Too bad these guys aren't a band anymore, but one of their sideprojects "Dioramic" is worth checking out.
  5. The Sulphur Voids
    by Assemble the Chariots
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    Sanctuary Sanctuary
    I heard these guys by hearing the song "Engulfed by Sun" and it blew my mind. So I checked em out and bought this album off them. Very satisfied with the production and work these guys have put into their art. Hopefully there will be more releases with the whole "Prometheus" theme :D
  6. Neural Union
    by Aegaeon
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    Amazing atmospheric deathcore, sad that the band seems to be fracturing lately. Excellent sonic journey, I highly recommend this track