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  1. Driving Around in Circles (Full Album)
    by gigglejuice
  2. Backwards Down A Hill
    by The Stifftones
  3. Eyelids Dubble Live!
    by Eyelids
  4. Eyelids Dubble Live!
    by Eyelids
  5. Other Side Demo
    by Johnny Hickman
  6. The Cherry Electric
    by John Kruth
  7. The Chosen Ones
    by Astral Magic
  8. Moon Dog Girl
    by Noodle Shop
  9. Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy
    by Sista Maj
  10. The Last of May
    by Sista Maj
  11. Love Letters from the Lazaretto
    by John Kruth
  12. The Extreme Limit
    by Sista Maj
  13. Gourd Splitter
    by Gourd Splitter
  14. Dr. Geronimo Firebrain's Plane Crash Tape Vol. 3
    by Jonathan Segel
  15. Superfluity
    by Jonathan Segel
  16. Leave My Body
    by Baby Druid
  17. Superfluity
    by Jonathan Segel
  18. Trains Change
    by Greg Lisher
  19. The Best of Hickmania Vol. 1
    by Johnny Hickman
  20. Neverland
    by Pilgrim