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  1. Bold.
    by Mary Lambert
  2. letters don't talk
    by Mary Lambert
  3. Dear Jo
    by Mary Lambert
  4. late night piano demo
    by Mary Lambert
  5. Grief Creature
    by Mary Lambert
  6. Shadow Work
    by Mammal Hands
  7. 9 Dead Alive
    by Rodrigo y Gabriela
    Megalopolis Megalopolis
    A skilled performance. I have listened through the album many times in the few hours since purchasing it, so it is obviously also more varied than I expected - completely worth the price of admission in my opinion.
  8. Departure Songs
    by We Lost The Sea
    Bogatyri Bogatyri
  9. Blackened Cities
    by Melanie De Biasio
  10. Stages Of Sleep
    by AKKU Quintet
  11. White Water
    by Nicole Lefebvre
  12. Waiting For Sunrise
    by April Rain
  13. Mietteitä
    by Nest
  14. Call of the North
    by Ugasanie
  15. Rivers & Shores
    by Black Hill & heklAa
  16. Aokigahara
    by Flowers for Bodysnatchers
  17. Uncontrollable
    by Miserable
    Violet Violet
    This is the kind of music that has the power to carry people through their varied darknessess: as strong and rooted in emotion as it is well done. 'Unconrollable' in the most human way possible.
  18. This Is For Our Sins
    by Lowercase Noises
    This is For Our Sins This is For Our Sins
  19. Real Music for Unreal Times
    by Kumea Sound
    Sola Sola
  20. Alone Architect
    by Alone Architect
    These Passages These Passages