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  1. XYZ
    by Iglooghost, Kai Whiston & BABii
  2. DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST
    by Toby Fox
  3. Steel Mogu
    by Iglooghost
  4. Clear Tamei
    by Iglooghost
  5. Owlboy Theme (Savant Remix)
    by Jonathan Geer
  6. Alchemist
    by Savant
  7. Little Grids
    by misterhayden
    Frog-Sized Sunglasses (and a Frog Ready to Wear Them) Frog-Sized Sunglasses (and a Frog Ready to Wear Them)
  9. Retro Bundle
    by Spray & Play Games
    Castle Man - Crusader X - 01 - Title Screen Castle Man - Crusader X - 01 - Title Screen
    very fun album! :)
  10. Jester (2018 Remaster)
    by Savant
    Cake Cake
    amazing <3 <3
    by Savant
  12. Overworld
    by Savant
    Firecloud Firecloud
    No doubt. Instant buy. Thanks!
  13. Cult
    by Savant
    Stereophobia (Feat. Sikis) Stereophobia (Feat. Sikis)
    I try to buy a new digital album from savant every month. Cult was really worth it, now I have the bonus tracks in high quality! :D
  14. Flying Microtonal Banana
    by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    Open Water Open Water
    This is pure talent in musical form. Absolutely breathtaking, I love it!
  15. Nonagon Infinity
    by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    People-Vultures People-Vultures
    Discovered this band and album like a month ago, I think this will stay my favourite album for quite a while. Just pure talent and amazingness.
  16. Orakel
    by Savant
    Origin (Remix) Origin (Remix)
    I remember discovering this when I was new to Savant, around the Christmas when it first came out. Just listening and going crazy in my room, while looking at the fresh snow outside my window. It's such a vivid memory I have, fist time ever listening to Origin (Still one of my top 5 Savant songs, and why can't I choose that as my "favourite track"?) and just absolutely losing it. The album still gives me Christmas vibes xD I love it.
  17. Curses from past times EP
    by ProleteR
    April Showers April Showers
  18. Feeding the lions EP
    by ProleteR
    Slits Slits
  19. Rookie EP
    by ProleteR
    Not Afraid Not Afraid
  20. ZION
    by Savant
    Mecca Mecca
    Every time I listen to this album I hear at least 10 new things I haven't noticed before. Absolutely stunning craftsmanship, the sound on this is perfect <3
  21. Invasion
    by Savant
    Basement Basement
  22. πρῶτος (Protos)
    by Savant
    Man Of The Law Man Of The Law
  23. The Fifth Collaje
    by Alon Mor & Clockvice
  24. Your Black Morning
    by Alon Mor & Vorso
  25. Machinarium Soundtrack
    by Tomáš Dvořák
    The Glasshouse With Butterfly The Glasshouse With Butterfly
    My favourite game. Ever. As well as my favourite soundtrack ever - just amazing.
  26. Forsaken (Single)
    by Savant
  27. Raw Latex - Mellow Theme
    by SexuaLobster
    "Don't do it, Dick! You're small and impressionable!"
    by Savant
    If God Knew If God Knew
    Can't get enough savant tracks! Thanks for this collection!!
  29. Vybz
    by Savant
    Alive Alive
    This has become my favourite savant album to date. It's perfect.
  30. Fire
    by Savant
  31. Cassette [Single]
    by Savant
    Cassette (KAMEKAN Mix) Cassette (KAMEKAN Mix)