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  1. 2095: MachinaChild
    by YUNGLOVE ツ
  2. lotus deluxe
    by LANNDS
  3. Music For The Future
    by LANNDS
  4. Asphyxia
    by Macrogramma
  5. Reverie
    by Daou
  6. HNRLP016: Laughing Eye
    by Laughing Eye
    Salomon Salomon
    A truly brave, and adventurous album! Modern classical experiments, beautiful if not heroic melodies, and solid grooves too. I highly anticipate a follow up, however long it takes will be worth the wait.
  7. HNRLP029: Textile Fantasies
    by Kanot
    Kitteln Kitteln
    A masterwork of 21st century Psych Rock. Blending musical elements from various decades, and styles in a seamless fashion. Both familiar, and fresh sounding. This is one of the most new sounding groups I have heard in a long time!
  8. Suddenly
    by Krystian Shek
  9. Michał Jan & Immortal Onion - Screens LP
    by Michał Jan & Immortal Onion
    Digital Relations Digital Relations
    A really stunning album: progressive, inspired, and eclectic. The band plays noticeably quiet in a highly musical way, and is augmented by tastful production. This album is all killer no filler! International air mail was totally worth it.
  10. Music for Meditation and Soundscapes for Tension Releasing
    by Rodolfo Ciuffo
  11. 2061
    by EABS
    The Odyssey of Dr Heywood Floyd The Odyssey of Dr Heywood Floyd
    Truly a landmark album, a sonic experience from start to finish! In my top 3 albums of the year, this is an exceptional and unique addition to the hip hop jazz cannon. EABS have made an album full of honesty, and attitude, a futuristic soundtrack to our complex times.
  12. The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull
    by Earth
  13. Forever Becoming (2019 Remix)
    by Pelican
  14. Sustain Series, Vol. 3
    by Ambientologist
  15. None of this makes me worry [LP]
    by Melby
    Always Always
    There's a lot of music like this where I come from in the US, but Melby is a serious step above. Between their high level of emotional competency, honesty, and cohesiveness as a band - international air mail for the Lp's was totally worth it. Even the bass lines are played with chromatic musicality!
  16. Looks like a map [LP]
    by Melby
  17. Tamoj
    by Bastarda & Sutari
  18. Finish The Sun
    by Shane Cooper & MABUTA
    Joburg Poem Joburg Poem
  19. LUMA
    by Emily Francis Trio
  20. Welcome To This World
    by Shane Cooper & MABUTA
    Beneath The Waves Beneath The Waves