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  1. Over The Garden Wall
    by The Blasting Company
  2. The Evil Machine Is Broken
    by Mark Blasco
  3. Fern Canyon
    by Anna Gordon
    Please Refrain Please Refrain
    This album is a stunning collection of personal, intimate confessions, mixed with powerful images from the natural world. Mystic, cathartic balladry from a talented soul.
  4. Porch Cat
    by Porch Cat
  5. Shadow
    by Zoe Boekbinder
    Rise Rise
    Absolutely unique arrangements of beautifully honest songs. There's a gentle, sweet tension between the acoustic and the digital, with Boekbinder's voice and words sewing all of the pieces together.
  6. Princess Seismograph
    by Princess Seismograph
    Call If You Like Call If You Like
    Brightly surreal acoustic pop with lyrical, dreamlike absurdity, this album swings back and forth between beautiful nonsense and earnest rawness. Also, it's funny as hell.
  7. Amanda Palmer - Drowning In The Sound (Demo)
    by Amanda Palmer
    by Kim Boekbinder
    Fractal Fractal
    Dark and strange electronic music, full of power and beauty and dissonance and longing.
  9. Not a Singalong (single)
    by Oliver Franklin
    This single is really fucking fiery and catchy. Great groove.
  10. Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute
    by Jherek Bischoff and Amanda Palmer
    I love these compositions and interpretations. A fitting tribute!
  11. tuck your bones in
    by Anna Gordon
    bury me high bury me high
    Witchy and shadowy folk ballads from one of the most talented singers in the Northwest.
  12. Six Songs for Lisa
    by Avery Burke
    Navigate Navigate
    At times strange and surreal, these meditations on loss and lostness are beautiful encapsulations of the profoundly personal.
  13. Shadow Show
    by Corpus Callosum
    Trials, Troubles, Tribulations Trials, Troubles, Tribulations
    Chaotic and cathartic songs filled with fantastical visions of the natural world as well as the supernatural.
  14. Juice of the Forbidden Fruit
    by The Peculiar Pretzelmen
    Spooky, folksy, otherworldly and impassioned.
  15. Migration
    by Kim Boekbinder
    Great dance groove, great words.
  16. A Brief History of Twang, Volume One
    by Aaron J. Shay
    subscriber exclusive
  17. Legend of the Lathe Symphonic
    by The Lathe Symphonic
  18. Discrete Packets of Song: A Compilation
    by Aaron J. Shay
  19. Apocalypse Stories (Live)
    by Aaron J. Shay
  20. My Flask
    by The Mongrel Jews
    subscriber exclusive
  21. Live at the Substation
    by The Pickpocket Revue
    subscriber exclusive
  22. Abandoned Homes (Single)
    by Aaron J. Shay
  23. Apocalypse Songs
    by Aaron J. Shay
  24. Music From "Sundown At The Devil's House"
    by Saint Judas Stringband
  25. ROVERS: THE MUSICAL (Composer's Demos)
    by Aaron J. Shay
  26. The Shay & Shay Radio Hour
    by Aaron J. Shay & Sarah Shay
  27. A Collection of Unfinished Sketches
    by Aaron J. Shay
    subscriber exclusive