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Aaron J. Shay (he/him)

  1. Seattle, Washington
  2. Folk
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  1. The Guest House
    by Oliver Franklin
    The Pines The Pines
    Gritty, disorienting and dreamlike, like Leonard Cohen pivoting into garage rock. Visceral lyrics delivered by deep crooning, with complex synth roiling underneath.
  2. Desire Paths
    by Unwoman
    Actor (The Body Keeps the Score) Actor (The Body Keeps the Score)
  3. Lavender Country
    by Lavender Country
    Come Out Singing Come Out Singing
  4. Trotter
    by Brittain Ashford
  5. Nothing for Me, Please
    by Dean Johnson
    Old TV Old TV
  6. Tsuzamen in Golus/Together in Exile
    by Shpilkis!
  7. Kosmopolitn
    by Tsvey Brider + Baymele
  8. Sidhehaven Tapes
    by Dogwood
  9. Cry Because It Happened (An Epilogue)
    by al Riggs
  10. The New Faith
    by Jake Blount
    Didn’t It Rain Didn’t It Rain
  11. …For The Whole World To See
    by Death
  12. the first glass beach album
    by glass beach
  13. Key
    by pg.lost
    I am a destroyer I am a destroyer
  14. Disco Elysium
    by Sea Power (Golden Chariot Records)
  15. Take Me Anywhere
    by The Sons Of Rainier
    Reach For The Light Reach For The Light
  16. Everything Is Awesome
    by Unwoman
  17. Music to Snuggle Your Old Lady to
    by Unwoman
  18. For Hire
    by The Blasting Company
    Infinite Waters Infinite Waters
    These guys are amazing composers with unbelievable breadth of genre.
  19. The Power of Friendship
    by The Window Smashing Job Creators
    The Power of Friendship The Power of Friendship
  20. LABYRINTH CITY [demos]
    by Dogwood
    Witch King Witch King