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  1. Annexation
    by Sanctioned
    Jaundice Jaundice
    I was kinda losing faith in the whole Grindcore scene...until I heard SANCTIONED. Like an even more steroidal version of DISRUPT, but with that Aussie Bombast that just can't be denied. This album blew my expectations right outta existence. NOW THIS IS FUCKIN GRINDCORE.
  2. Lawless Age
    by Weapönizer
    Lawless Age Lawless Age
    Imagine a motorcycle built on a Black metal Frame, but with an engine of Thrash metal, Hardcore punk spiked wheels and LG Petrov of Entombed sitting atop..
    weaponizer seamlessly melds all 3 together into one hell of a ride. Highly recommended.
  3. The Warriors Awakening Brings the Unholy Slaughter
    by Eternal Evil
    Succubus Succubus
    Awesome Swedish Blackened thrash. Mastered by Robert Phersson(Death Breath). You know it's dirty, you know its evil and you know you're in for a real treat.
  4. Extermination Mass
    by Death Worship
  5. Alchemical Warfare
    Glad I checked these guys out on someones advice. Slaughtbath are the textbook definition of Beastial Black Death. Each song is great in it's own way and besides banging your head to the sheer heaviness, they sneak in some Black metal passages that will have you smiling. Highly recommended!
  6. The Horned Goddess
    by Blood Sacrifice
    Kneel and Obey Kneel and Obey
    This is some of the craziest and heaviest Black Metal I have ever heard. Great production really helps to hear the Blackened rhythms through the utter heaviness of this album. Really Really good shit this is!
  7. Tightened Noose of Sanctimony
    by Profane Order
    Terror Worship Terror Worship
    These guys are up there at the pinnacle of War Metal. It can't possibly get any heavier without killing the musician in the process.
  8. Cosmovore
    by Ulthar
  9. Sathanarchrist Assaulter
    by Necromorbid
    Blackened Death with heavy War metal leanings..Yeah sign me up.
    Ultra heavy yet catchy Black riffs, some almost Punky.. Blackened vo-kills, mixed with a little guttural-ism, expert break neck drumming. I listened to this entire album and found not 1..NOT 1 weak track. Recommended.
  10. Worship Them
    by Impure
    Worship Them Worship Them
    Impure is destined for great things. Brutal yet catchy, and all together Evil. Great album rounded out by a great version of Slayer's"Fight till death". Totally worth checking out.
  11. Blood and Extinction
    by Caveman Cult
    Definitely going on my EOY list.
    this album will do actual harm to you. I felt battered and smashed , amazed yet horrified and beyond satisfied... All of those things embody CAVEMAN CULT. War Metal's Shock Troopers. Highly recommended.
  12. Caskets of Flesh
    by Leprophiliac
    The Autophagous The Autophagous
    With Dopi of Machetazo fame at the helm, you can't go wrong with this one. Rotten and slimey Death Metal Like Celtic Frost crawling from the depths of a garbage dump in hell..
  13. Østenfor Sol
    by Valgaldr
    Et Slott i Skogen Et Slott i Skogen
    Great Norwegian Black Metal. With all the riffs and atmosphere you could ever wish for. Great production to boot. Highly Recommended.
  14. Grimoire Ordo Devus
    Animam Malum Daemonium Animam Malum Daemonium
    This album is growing on me the more I listen. Akin to Dissection and the ilk but definitely not a clone. This album dots all the "i"s and crosses alll the "t"s when it comes to composing great Black Metal. Recommended.
  15. Alongside Death
    by THE BLACK
    Death's Crown Death's Crown
    Gotta admit. I am pretty impressed with this album. great ,true old school Black Metal. Pretty much checks all the boxes for me.
  16. Larvae Offal Swine
    Narcocult Narcocult
    A whirling black mass of absolute destruction. I love this album. It pulled me in from minute 1 and never let me go the entire ride! Pete Helkamp is more a force of nature than a man. This music would fit the appearance of an Angry Godlike being appearing to brutally punish all of those who oppose.
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  17. Sulfur & Bane
    Blood Moon Rising Blood Moon Rising
    This album grabbed my attention and after listening to a few songs , I knew I had to own it. Definite Venom, Slayer, Celtic Frost influences ..but these guys really pull it off well.
  18. Downtown Hades
    by INFERNÖ
    Straight From Hell Straight From Hell
    An album from my past...I had forgotten over 20 years how great this album was. Part Slayer part destruction, Part Sodom, But yet their own thing. Totally bad ass album without a doubt.
  19. Feast at the Forbidden Tree
    by Black Mass
    Dead to the World Dead to the World
    Upon first glance I thought " Another germanic Thrash clone" WRONG.
    Black mass are a whirlwind of Thrashing blackness. Part Thrash, Part VENOM on steroids.All Badass.
    After a few listens, this album may just end up on my year end list.
  20. 66 Black Wings
    by Gallows
    Blood Spells to Forest Speed Blood Spells to Forest Speed
    Gallows is the new face of real Black Metal. While the influences of Mayhem, Darkthrone and others are there..They have put out something totally new and Fresh and that absolutely demands repeat listening. . One of the most original and mightiest black metal albums I've heard in a long time. I await album #2!! Definitely going on my end o year list