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  1. Fearless
    by Legend
    Runaway Train Runaway Train
    I finally decided to download this one as one of my favourite bands, Sólstafir has been sharing links to their videos for quite some time.

    I don't listen to electronic music very regularly, but this caught my attention with the sombre atmosphere and lyrics and rockish vocals. Very nice companion for running or other sports.
  2. Hyperion
    by Dirge
    Circumpolaris Circumpolaris
  3. Love of Cartography
    by sleepmakeswaves
    Perfect Detonator Perfect Detonator
  4. Kindly Bent to Free Us
    by Cynic
    Moon Heart Sun Head Moon Heart Sun Head
    When I revisited this album, I thought I'd write a few notes down about it.

    I really enjoy the musicianship on this one, especially the bass lines. Generally I prefer my prog metal to have stronger vocal work in the vein of Leprous and In Vain. However the softer vocals do kind of fit the overall jazzy feel of the album.

    I haven't been following Cynic from the start, but having heard this one I'm quite sure their earlier discography is worth visiting.
  5. More Constant Than The Gods
    by SubRosa
    No Safe Harbor No Safe Harbor
    This album has a very unique feel in the combination of violins and the heavier guitar parts. All of the songs are very emotional, but especially my favourite one "No Safe Harbor" really gives me the shivers. I'm really exited to see how these girls & guys develop their sound in the future.
  6. The Other Sight
    by Grown Below
    New Throne New Throne
  7. Plains of the Purple Buffalo
    by *shels
    Journey to the Plains Journey to the Plains
  8. Ausserwelt
    Perséphone (Enna) Perséphone (Enna)
  9. Origin
    by Enshine
    Ambivalence Ambivalence
    I was searching something close to the AtomA album that I enjoyed and picked up this. Turned out to be a really good atmospheric metal album. Like it a lot.
  10. The Promise of Tomorrow
    by Sky Architects
    We'll Never Forget This We'll Never Forget This