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  1. Instrumentals
    by King Ebu
    Stormy Night Stormy Night
  2. Nocturnal Earthworm Stew
    by David Pritchard
  3. Everything is Made of Clouds
    by cavetown
    We found two dead swans and filled their bodies with flowers (Cover) We found two dead swans and filled their bodies with flowers (Cover)
  4. Closing Time at the Gates
    by Alicia Clara
    I played this song once in the middle of a very intense argument with my boyfriend, who is now my ex.
  5. Mechanical Fantasy Box
    by Patrick Cowley
    Thrill of the Hunt Thrill of the Hunt
  6. Afternooners
    by Patrick Cowley
    Bore & Stroke Bore & Stroke
  7. Хворь
    by ХВОРЬ
    Оториноларинголог Оториноларинголог
    Добрый вечер . Ну не получилось так не получилось .Пусть будет маленький подарок для Вас от Олега из Крыма.С уважением.
  8. Various Artists - Endangered Species Vol. 1
    by Dark Entries Records
    John King - Munich John King - Munich
  9. LAVALIKE // Rodeo Knife
    by Dakota Blue
  10. Plaza To Plaza / Specific System
    by Dakota Blue
  11. Rodeo Knife
    by Dakota Blue
    Bolo Bolo
    I played your music to a very, very dear friend of mine. I accidentally made her cry because I played a break-up song right before and it was during the period where she was just getting over her own breakup. This album calmed her down and she still listens to it from time to time.
  12. Goodbye Hawaii
    by Emma Langford
    I hooked up with this Irish tourist and then kept in touch with him for months after he left. Turns out he was already married to another guy and they were getting divorced because the husband found out that the guy was talking to me. This was 2 years ago. Then a few months ago, he e-mails saying he wants to see me, be with me, stay with me, and that I could contact him via the different info he added. I never replied to him.
  13. Why Don't You Tell Us the Pain You Have: Greek-American Songs, 1928 - ca. 1948
    by George Katsaros
    Ke Giati Den Mas To Les (Why Don't You Tell Us) Ke Giati Den Mas To Les (Why Don't You Tell Us)
  14. Bir Düşün
    by Lin Pesto
  15. Yazlık
    by Lin Pesto
  16. Marie Davidson EP - Remastered
    by Marie Davidson
  17. The Next Peak Vol I (Twin Peaks Tribute)
    by Retro Promenade Various Artists
    The Nightingale (vocal by Rat Rios) The Nightingale (vocal by Rat Rios)
  18. Sonorizzazioni TV
    by Azzurro 80
    Mattino Due Mattino Due
  19. The Brain
    by Paul Zaza
    Right Now Right Now
  20. Baroque Classics (For Electronic Oscillators)
    by Nick Hoffman
    Couperin: Les baricades mistérieuses Couperin: Les baricades mistérieuses
    Sweet... and a little bit bitter ;*