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  1. Sun Tracker
    by Posij & Former
  2. Strange Changes
    by Chalky & Seppa
    Subaqueous Broadcast Subaqueous Broadcast
    maaad ting!!! perfect sequel to Bright Spots
  3. The Headlight Serenade (Special Edition)
    by Triosk
    Visions IV Visions IV
    So intricate, sometimes violent but always contained. Extremely tight sound that I would like to hear more of in modern jazz or jazztronica. Would love to hear more of Triosk
  4. Kirlian Selections
    by The Flashbulb
    Lawn Wake IX Lawn Wake IX
    A collection of tunes displaying the soft and also brutal side of The Flashbulb's sound. Extremely good Breakcore
  5. Jazz Names
    by ADJAK∆
    Larry Larry
    so gooood
  6. Headspaces
    by Hudson Lee
    Stay (feat. Laura Brehm) Stay (feat. Laura Brehm)
    Some awesome collabs on this one. Creates a unique story and atmosphere
  7. No Past Lives - EP
    by Mad Zach
    What Is This Place? What Is This Place?
    maximum tightness. you can feel the pressure of several atmospheres when you listen to this
  8. Polychrome
    by KOAN Sound
    Chalk It Out Chalk It Out
    just too much fun to listen to with good headphones.
  9. Dream Recall
    by Frequent
    Dream Recall (feat. Babokon) Dream Recall (feat. Babokon)
    Would love to hear more from you in the style of this album. Phenomenal work.
  10. Yoja
    by Ekcle
    Clandestine Clandestine
    Ekcle's best work yet
  11. Nomad's Revenge
    by Billain
    Nomad's Revenge Nomad's Revenge
    Much much more than just heavy neuro beats we are used to hear from Billain. This is an experience. Excellent job!
  12. Bright Spots
    by Chalky & Seppa
    One word: delicious. Jazzhop at its finest. Need more collabs from you guys!
  13. Gojury
    by Coleanel
    Journey Journey
    Great sense of atmosphere and sound design. This dude is one to watch!
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