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  1. Live at Madison Square Garden
    by Vulfpeck
  2. Forward Motion Godyssey
    by Post Animal
  3. The Lunar Vacation EPs
    by Lunar Vacation
    Too Late, Colin Too Late, Colin
    Tennis' dreamier sister in law. Super good band and one of my new favorites for sure :))
  4. Drowsy
    by Bane's World
  5. Privacy
    by Morewine
  6. drugs
    by The Symposium
  7. OUT NOW - (GC061) Hangin' Fourteen (LP)
    by The Halibuts
  8. When I Think Of You In A Castle
    by Post Animal
  9. You & Me
    by BOYO
  10. Underwater Pipe Dreams
    by Inner Wave
  11. Phasing
    by No Vacation
  12. Means To Me
    by Long Beard
  13. In Paths Too Dark For Seeing
    by Sonntag
  14. Relationchips
    by Triathalon
  15. Flavour
    by Paul Cherry
  16. Who Really Cares
    by TV Girl
  17. Under Wraps
    by Her's
  18. PAINT
    by PAINT
  19. The Muse
    by satchy
    The Muse The Muse
    Some of the most sensual stuff I've heard, keep on keeping on you sultry bbs <3
  20. 4E
    by Lomelda
  21. Emily Alone
    by Florist
  22. Florian
    by Sonntag
  23. Mamma Mia
    by Austin Weber
  24. Love Songs for No One
    by Austin Weber
    Using the Internet for French Using the Internet for French
    B O P P Y
    J E R S E Y
    BOIIIIIIIII 😩✨✨✨✨✨
  25. The Sonic Crystal EP
    by The Symposium
    Losing Game Losing Game
    These guys are like a lofi bedroom take on Josh Hodges work, and the symposium idea was nailed on the head with this release. I really dig it all, and you've got a fan for life 💚💞
  26. Fukumari
    by Sonntag
    Criminally underrated artist, Sonntag has my heart forever 💖💙
  27. Shitshow Graduate
    Plastic Knives Plastic Knives
    another set of bangers from an amazingly talented lad
  28. Am I
    by The Glow
  29. YRWIN
    by Yr Glow / Charles Irwin
  30. Intermission
    by No Vacation
  31. Charles Irwin - Inner Feelings
    by Yr Glow / Charles Irwin
    Charles's Track is like 12/10 in my opinion, awesome cool modern indie rock. It's really freaking good, and the effects just get me man.
  32. Love You, Mean It
    by Okey Dokey
    Congenial Man Congenial Man
    LOVE this album 💕 one of my favorites in my vinyl collection now :)
  33. Broke Off Blues EP
    by Bitter Suns
    Just Give Up Just Give Up
    best bangers in foco, these dudes alone have fueled the house music scene in such an awesome way I'm so stoked I live near them.
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  34. Hill Climber
    by Vulfpeck
    L O W
    V O L U M E
  35. Scraps for Little John EP
    by Sonntag
    Ladybug (Cool Matt Remix) Ladybug (Cool Matt Remix)
    that's p neat
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  36. Buenas Noches Club [EP]
    by Chez Ali
    Adore You Adore You
    oh I'm in love with this sound Chez <3 you're already on my list of indie artists I have to see live someday! I pre-ordered the vinyl, and can't wait for it's arrival, already loving the title track(that fuckin solo mm)! Love from Colorado 💚
  37. Big Ugly/Hatesongs
    Hatesong I Hatesong I
    He's outdone himself this time bois 💕
  38. Fear And Loathing In Fuck Collins Colorado
  39. Seventeen
    by Peach Pit
  40. Being So Normal
    by Peach Pit
    Alrighty Aphrodite Alrighty Aphrodite
  41. So Polite
    by Summer Salt
  42. As the Romans Do
    by Theo Katzman
  43. Being So Normal
    by Peach Pit
    Alrighty Aphrodite Alrighty Aphrodite
  44. Sweet FA
    by Peach Pit
  45. The Fearless Flyers
    by The Fearless Flyers
    Some of the tightest funkiest stuff on the planet right now, and Jack's mixing just makes it soooooo good 10/10