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  1. Field EP
    by Covox
  2. Strike EP
    by Covox
    A Billion Suns A Billion Suns
    Whoa this is chip tunes at it's best! The high powered energy bit waves are pumping and flying from your speakers. As some said all three are winners. I hope Covox will share more of his songs. I can can hardly wait to play new songs from my speakers like "Billion stars"...
  3. Hotline Miami 2 EP
    by Benny Smiles
  4. When We Touch
    by Benny Smiles
    Benny Smiles did it again. Another superb. song that I play over and over again. Kudos, props! Btw. that bass is awesome.
  5. Somehow Yours Do (feat Sorca Lou)
    by Benny Smiles
  6. Sunshine / Moonlight EP
    by Benny Smiles
    Sunday Morning Sunday Morning
    EP is great. Sunday and Sunday morning are my favorite songs on this EP.
  7. Identity EP
    by TheBlackParrot
  8. an analog guy in a digital world
    by Martin Roth
    This song is full of emotion. It is a tad sad though, mind you. Once you close your eyes and let your mind wander off it can evoke another emotion than the title implies. But any emotion whether it be sad or not, it does it bl**dy g**d! So, that is why I am only missing an album with more songs. Pretty please?
  9. Dreamatic
    by FM Attack
    Disco Attack Disco Attack
    Wow! Whole album is superb, but I immediately fell in love with this track. The dreamy synths make this an absolute awesome track and must hear album!
  10. Vandereer
    by El Huervo
    Rust Rust
  11. Hotline Miami EP
    by Jasper Byrne
    The music is spot on, and sets the right atmosphere for the game. Excellent soundtrack, still playing it a lot. Sucks me back right into the game even when I'm not playing the game and only playing the tracks.
    by Jasper Byrne
  13. Hotline Miami: The Takedown
    by SCATTLE
  14. Timelapse
    by SCATTLE
    Deja Vu Deja Vu
  15. LVL.2 Remixes
    by SCATTLE
    LVL.2 (Magic Sword Remix) LVL.2 (Magic Sword Remix)
  16. Sketch
    by SCATTLE
    Overnight Overnight
    Another kick- ass tune kicking out of the speakers!!!
  17. MOON EP
    by M.O.O.N.
    Hydrogen Hydrogen
    I always wondered what does M|O|O|N stand for? Well, doesn't matter. At least music sounds great. Anyway, track; Hydrogen sounds really bad ass.
  18. Particles EP
    by M.O.O.N.
    Dust Dust
    Song dust, hits me time and time again. Sounds very friendly and warm. Oh and b.t.w. props for the cover. +1 and all that, shit.
  19. Streets of Vengeance
    by Vestron Vulture
    Neu Wave Hookers Neu Wave Hookers
    Dope song from Hotline Miami!