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  1. Interior Causeways (sub-d57)
    by Serenace
    Interior Causeway Interior Causeway
  2. Weerkaatsing
    by Orphax & Machinefabriek
    Spiegeling Spiegeling
    If you can tune in to the material(s) used in this album it is sounds very good, in my humble opinion. And artwork is attractive.
  3. fmoto
    by farmersmanual
    T2.1 T2.1
    Strange, unsettling, attractive.
  4. THE SPOOK... (Mach-Hommy x KNXWLEDGE)
    by Mach-Hommy
  5. Subtemple
    by Burial
    Subtemple Subtemple
  6. ラストリアルニッガ
    by Camoflauge Monk
    interlude interlude
    this beats is better than weeds
  7. Ice of tiangles
    by Лёкша
    Ice of tiangle Ice of tiangle
    appears in 1 other collection
  8. In Touch with a Frenzy
    by Cygnus & Sensational
    Making money pushing buttons Making money pushing buttons
  9. Through The Spirit Realm [SSV08]
    by Refracted
    Enter The Jungle Enter The Jungle
  10. Objekt #4
    by Objekt
    Needle & Thread Needle & Thread
  11. Balaklavskiy prospex
    by Roel Funcken
    Balaklavskiy prospex Balaklavskiy prospex
  12. Dollar Menu
    by Mach-Hommy x THAGODFAHIM
  13. 1.0
    by ake0
  14. 4 Mixes - 1999-2015
    by Bogdan Raczynski
    Mix 1 Mix 1
    Over the top in terms of dance suspense. 5/5
  15. Legion Live in Münster 10.06.05
    by Legion
    Hellfire Hellfire
    Elegantly crafted spaces, all inclusive.
  16. Dark Fat
    by Nurse With Wound
    1 a) That leaking putrid underbelly b)Noble Cause Corruption 1 a) That leaking putrid underbelly b)Noble Cause Corruption
    Collection of unprecedented Nurse With Wound Art Crimes around the world! Performed live, edited with bits missing. And some neglected, sadly.
  17. Tongues
    by Jon Mueller
    How You Look When You're Not Looking How You Look When You're Not Looking
    Mesmerizing, tribal yet very modern (in a good way) record to overcome personal limitations.
  18. live
    by christ.
    chopper chopper
    "classic" - when you hear it it does something to your memory, it's impossible to forget.
  19. Cosmos
    by Cygnus
    Cosmos I Cosmos I
  20. 1.9.9.X.
    by Cygnus
    Pink Lipstick ピンク (Feat. Dolly Vicious) Pink Lipstick ピンク (Feat. Dolly Vicious)
    Heavy engineered electronic music with pieces of ghosts in the machine lurking here in there.
  21. Boom Blaster
    by Aleksi Perälä
    No Music No Music
    This is much more complex than it sounds on a first glance.
  22. Live @ Holocene
    by cygnus
    Cygnus Live @ Holocene September_23_2015 Cygnus Live @ Holocene September_23_2015
    Wish you could be there,,,
  23. "13/14/16" [remastered]
    by deepchord
    dc13 [A1 Remaster] dc13 [A1 Remaster]
    If you like a coffee and night, as I do, this record is for you.
  24. The Black Tie EP
    by wilma
    Fabio Fabio
    Rhythm & Sound, not the one you know, even better.
  25. Automating Volume One
    by Nurse With Wound
    Duelling Banjos Duelling Banjos
    Your neighbors would love this record.
  26. Live @ The Mezzanine
    by cygnus
    Cygnus Live @ The Mezzanine October_16_2015 Cygnus Live @ The Mezzanine October_16_2015
  27. blue shift emissions
    by christ.
    substation substation
    Everything this artist touches leaves smelly fingerprints, like you can tell somebody just being somewhere and you have a wish to get there to.
  28. bike
    by christ.
    round the rigg round the rigg
  29. Blackest Dimensions
    by cygnus
    Blackest Dimension Blackest Dimension
  30. Bauteile
    by Atom™ & Marc Behrens
    Would be perfect with some kind of visuals, and maybe in theaters.
  31. Colour Index 47005
    by Quinoline Yellow
    Powys Quoits Powys Quoits
  32. A Sucked Orange
    by Nurse With Wound
    Pleasant Banjo Intro With Irritating Squeak Pleasant Banjo Intro With Irritating Squeak
  33. distance lends enchantment to the view
    by christ.
    dymaxian oceanic world dymaxian oceanic world

    This album is immersive, embracing and analog journey that one would like to have on Sunday, it maybe can be compared to camping in that aspects of spontaneity and chance are still alive, living in utopian universe that is strangely like our 20th century dreams about how technology really works. It is rather ecstatic than progressive, poetic and not functional. Hypnotic in its dramatic transitions, nourishing in its benefits. But beware, "Ceci n'est pas une pipe!"
  34. the love album
    by anodyne
    darkenergy darkenergy
    Oh yes! It is real, in a sense that it is like nightmares being displayed to angels while you got rejected for rendez-vouz somebody once again. But who is it who just said that life is easy? Please, leave the room ASAP!

    This is dinner music. (if you are hungry, too)
  35. Everybody's A Fuckin Expert
    by Shit and Shine
    Ass Ass
    All you need to know about dance music is here.
  36. Sealed (Stone Roll Mix)
    by Quinoline Yellow
  37. Sk arts 2003 Genesis interview 30 minutes
    by Theearchive
    Sk arts 2003 Genesis interview part 1 Sk arts 2003 Genesis interview part 1