This is Satori Eyes (幻想乡的魅影)’s music collection on Bandcamp.

Satori Eyes (幻想乡的魅影)

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  1. Delusional Makai: Lotus Land Square
    by Various Artists
  2. The End Of Time: Melancholy Music From Chrono Trigger
    by TPR
  3. VGM Acapella: Volume 8
    by Smooth McGroove
  4. Mega Man 6 GP
    by MET
  5. Mega Man 4 GP
    by MET
  6. Mindshell
    by World Beyond
  7. Mega Man 5 GP
    by MET
  8. Mega Man 3 GP (old version)
    by MET
    Title Title
    Mega Man 3 Title is my favorite opening song in the entire series, which sounds like the end and the beginning, Both tragic and hopeful.
    And you interpret it perfectly, I love it.
  9. Mega Man 2 GP (old version)
    by MET
  10. Mega Man 9 GP
    by MET