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  1. Preludes
    by Chris Zabriskie
  2. Divider
    by Chris Zabriskie
  3. Music from Neptune Flux
    by Chris Zabriskie
  4. Thoughtless
    by Chris Zabriskie
  5. Vendaface
    by Chris Zabriskie
  6. I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor
    by Chris Zabriskie
  7. Stunt Island
    by Chris Zabriskie
  8. Cylinders
    by Chris Zabriskie
  9. Direct to Video
    by Chris Zabriskie
  10. It's a Wonderful Jaws
    by Chris Zabriskie
  11. Reappear
    by Chris Zabriskie
  12. The Dark Glow of the Mountains
    by Chris Zabriskie
  13. Undercover Vampire Policeman
    by Chris Zabriskie
  14. Before The Night
    by HOME
  15. Falling Into Place
    by HOME
  16. Subsurface Circular
    by dan le sac
  17. Quarantine Circular
    by dan le sac
  18. Resting State
    by HOME
  19. BUY NOW: Vapor Trap Virtual Vol.1
    by Various Artists
  20. Virtual Skies
    by LifeMod
  21. Postfordism and Chill
    by Bubble Keiki バブル景気
  22. 80 Minutes of Pure Relaxation
    by バミューダ b e r m u d a
  23. SENSUAL パラダイス
    by KARATE KING 空手王
  24. North Point Mall: Anniversary Edition
    by VHS Dreams™
  25. BUY NOW: Summer Vapors Vol. 1
    by Pool House Ltd.
  26. Panama Papers
    by Runners Club 95
  27. Sleepless
    by Perla Blue
  28. BUY NOW: Summer Vapors Vol. 2
    by Pool House Ltd.
  29. Virtual Skies II
    by LifeMod
  30. July
  31. Summer Love
    by Dan Mason ダン·メイソン
  32. BLACK 大理石 EP
    by Combo Reseller
  33. PZA
    by PZA
  34. A Collection of Vaporwave Trap Rap, Sample-Based Funk, and Post-Breakup Ballads
    by Mega Bunneh
  35. 包容
    by chris†††
  36. ナンバーワン - 6 0 0 0
    by 静脈 v e n o
  38. Unconditional
    by David Love Not War
    by Sonnig 991
  40. Fall 4 U (Edit/Virtualscape)
    by GR€G
  41. jude.
    by LemKuuja
    by Diskette Park
  43. sbwy
    by sbwy
  44. Choreograph
    by mmph
  45. Daily Night Euphoria EP
    by Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza