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  1. Everlasting Journey
    by Nom Tunes
  2. oblique
    by Emily June
  3. Whispers of Aught
    by Tonya Song
    Tonya Song's Whispers of Aught is a fantastic song, by the singing, instrumentation, and lyrics. It is very powerful, and just absolutely worth listening to. Just an excellent piece of music.

    Also, slightly irrelevant, but the cover art of the song is fantastic.
  4. sweat
    by kendall :3
    sweat sweat
    kendall :3's sweat is a fantastic pair of songs. Strong both lyrically and in the actual sound, both songs are extremely impressive.
    I have a particular fondness for the titular song, sweat, which just hit me especially hard. Absolutely worth listening to.
  5. Sphere
    by Michael Rider
  6. Super Natural History
    by Charming Disaster
  7. Hellebore
    by Charming Disaster
  8. Gone with the wind
    by I-Human
  9. Music for videogames (Unreleased Vol. 1)
    by Wandering Artist
    Knitted Woods (extended version) Knitted Woods (extended version)
    Wandering Artist's work in these songs is fantastic, and I've greatly enjoyed listening to them.
    Knitted Woods stood out to me both for just sounding lovely and for being a very soothing song.
    Absolutely worth listening to.
  10. Parables & Primes
    by Danny Schmidt
    Stained Glass Stained Glass
    Danny Schmidt's Parables & Primes is truly an incredible album. Every song is extremely powerful, with both fantastic singing and lyrics. I absolutely recommend giving it a listen.
    Stained Glass is, to me at least, the strongest song on the album, and really just needs to be heard to be believed.
  11. Coffee Cup
    by Ukuletea
    by Songbird
  13. can opener's notebook: fish whisperer
    by Vylet Pony
    typewriter typewriter
    Vylet Pony's "can opener's notebook: fish whisper" is an incredibly strong album, both musically and in the lyrics. The message of the music is legitimately powerful too, and works very well with the instrumentation. I really can't say enough good about it, so it's absolutely worth a listen.
  14. FixFox (Original Soundtrack)
    by Aleix Ramon
    Pirates and The Order Pirates and The Order
    Aleix Ramon's soundtrack for FixFox is just fantastic. After playing the game, I just needed to listen to the soundtrack more. It's absolutely worth listening to, just a wonderful OST.
    Thank you for releasing such a fantastic soundtrack.
  15. For the Love of Drugs
    by Quinton Barnes
  16. A Short Hike (Original Soundtrack)
    by Mark Sparling
    Somewhere In The Woods (Long Hike) Somewhere In The Woods (Long Hike)
    A Short Hike is a fantastic game, and Mark Sparling's OST both complements it perfectly and is fantastic to listen to on its own. Just a delightful set of songs, absolutely worth listening to.
  17. At the end of the day
    by Wandering Artist
    At the end of the day At the end of the day
    Wandering Artists' At the end of the day is a phenomenal album. It's both calming to listen to and just beautiful. Excellent album to listen to, especially at the end of a long, stressful day.
    Thank you for releasing such an excellent, calming album.
  18. Gift Exchange
    by Allegra Hernandez
    Windmill Windmill
    Allegra Hernandez’s Gift Exchange is a phenomenal album. I enjoyed every song on it, and I especially loved Windmill, which is a delight. Absolutely worth listening to.
    Thank you for releasing such a fantastic album.
  19. Hospitality
    by (Eli)zabeth Owens
  20. You Can't Erase Us
    by D'vorah Maya