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  1. Novosibirsk, Russia
  2. Electronic
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  1. Gege - Transcendental (ST039)
    by Gege, Eafhm
  2. Become Invisible in the Sudden Rain
    by Engine7
  3. AH&N - Hushed Voices (ST059)
    by AH&N
  4. Hotline Miami EP
    by Jasper Byrne
    Hotline Hotline
  5. Resonant Heart
    by Various
  6. Alambari
    by DakhaBrakha
    Dostochka Dostochka
    A mixture of ukranian folk, electronic enhancement and hell knows what, results in this great album.
  7. Verlies
    by Vladimir Gnatenko
  8. MR010
    by Unknown
  9. Hyperacidcity (Mariupol)
    by Peshka
  10. Bucha
    by Dmytro Bobryk
  11. The Sails p.1
    by loscil
  12. Selected Works
    by 05:AM
    Odessa Winter Odessa Winter
    A set of diverse tracks not particularly unified by a single idea. However you can hear one's style behind all of them.
  13. one hundred thirty "episode 1"
    by Various Artists
    Crato Crato
  14. Waverider
    by World Complete
  15. Cruising
    by Desove
  16. Unreleased
    by Hamatsuki
    Wow, if this is "Unreleased", than I can imagine how "Released" tracks would sound like )
  17. m.O.N.R.O.E. - Push the Fader EP
    by m.O.N.R.O.E
  18. Radiant
    by ObsoleteTechnology
  19. Origins (Album)
    by Jasper De Ceuster
  20. Descend
    by Emil Rottmayer