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  1. Pumpkin Seeds (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
    by Aesop Rock x Blockhead
  2. Tactics EP
    by Ternion Sound
    Tactics Tactics
  3. Bestiary (Bonus Track Version)
    by Hail Mary Mallon
    Jonathan Jonathan
  4. Still Champion
    by Homeboy Sandman
    Get Yours Get Yours
  5. Muro vs Paul Nice (JFK to Narita)
    by (Mix)
  6. Gunpowder / The Way Things Are
    by Break
    Gunpowder Gunpowder
  7. Unlearning Vol. 1
    by Evidence
  8. Fissure & Fracture
    by Rydona
    Fissure Fissure
  9. Long Dim Road
    by The Tossers
    The Pub The Pub
  10. DDD100
    by Deep Dark & Dangerous
    Connected Illusions Connected Illusions
  11. Humans
    by Enei
    Flat Iron Flat Iron
  12. In A Human World Even The Machines Get The Blues - BLUECID 001
    by Paul Birken & The Dirty Party Snakes
    B2- Humanity Is A Corrosive Code B2- Humanity Is A Corrosive Code
  13. Years (2009-2019)
    by Myka 9, Factor Chandelier
    Stand Up feat. AWOL One and Aesop Rock Stand Up feat. AWOL One and Aesop Rock
  14. This Is #halftime
    by Thing
  15. Sculpting With Fire
    by Atmosphere
  16. Back To The Old Vibes
    by Thing
  17. Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack Recording
    by David Lynch
  18. Complex Flashback [PRF004]
    by TMSV
  19. Clutch EP
    by Ternion Sound
  20. Crusader For Justice
    by The Grouch