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  1. Bubble Universe!
    by Nonlocal Forecast
  2. RePorpoised Phantasies
    by Machine Girl
  3. Bedroom EP
    by Please Lose Battle
  4. Cube - Commentary
    by EVULSE
  6. Warehouse no. 1
    by Forklift Operator
  7. Codex
    by Atrium Carceri
  8. Dark Ambient of 2018
    by Cryo Chamber
  9. Feel So Good
    by LEXT
  10. Together
    by The Soviettes
  11. Greatest Hits
    by Remo Drive
  12. Young
    by Boy Without Batteries
  13. Towards A Better Question
    by Steve Lawson
  14. VGMpire: Wintry Mix
    by Laser Time
  15. Goodbye Joy
    by Please Lose Battle
    Sunday Chill In Cosmos Sunday Chill In Cosmos
    THE DRUMS PUSH THESE CHIPS INTO THE COSMOS! While that chugging bass keeps you cruisin! A really great blend here!
  16. Dreamcast 2 Song (Chemical Plant Zone REMIX
    by Keith Apicary