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  1. The Real Thing
    by Michael Guy Bowman
  2. P[S]
    by Casual Sunday
  3. NOIRE (44khz / 24bit version)
    by VNV Nation
  4. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
  5. DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST
    by Toby Fox
  6. We Know The Devil OST
    by Alec Lambert
  7. The Dawn That Gxd Misplaced (ft. psithurist)
    by Helena Ruth & psithurist
  8. The Question (I Know What I Like)
    by PhemieC
  9. Songs for Sad Trolls
    by PhemieC
  10. Songs for a Doomed Timeline
    by PhemieC
  11. Ember
    by Kubbi
  12. Stuckhome Syndrome Part One V1: Years In the Past
    by rj lake
  13. Songs Unsung
    by TenseiMusic
  14. Stolen Season
    by S. J. Tucker
  15. Reapers
    by Reapers
  16. "Condos" - Live at The Bell House
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  17. "The Debate" - Live at Roulette
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  18. Waiting for 2042
    by Hari Kondabolu
  19. Bach Prelude 1 For Lute
    by John H. Clarke
    subscriber exclusive
  20. O' Carolan's Concerto
    by John H. Clarke
    subscriber exclusive