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  1. Paris, France
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Foreign Affairs LP
    by SoulChef
  2. Le bel avenir (dédicaces)
    by Les Vilars
    Celle qu'ils n'auront pas (pour Antoine) Celle qu'ils n'auront pas (pour Antoine)
  3. Take Control - EP
    by Smokey Joe & The Kid
  4. In Transit - EP
    by Straybird
  5. NIN (Ep - 2017)
    by Senbeï
    T'en Va Pas T'en Va Pas
  6. Dwarf Planets - EP
    by Straybird
  7. Running To The Moon (LP - 2016)
    by Smokey Joe & The Kid
    Prohibition (Feat. Yoshi) Prohibition (Feat. Yoshi)
  8. Lullabies for Insomniacs [Limited Edition]
    by Al'Tarba
  9. Ladies & Ladies EP
    by Al'tarba
  10. L'Entourloop - Chickens in your town
    by L'Entourloop
  11. No Sucka MCs Contest
    by Token
  12. Tupal - Waterlily
    by Tupal
  13. Spark From The Past LP
    by JIM
    Dommages collateraux (Feat. Dooz Kawa) Dommages collateraux (Feat. Dooz Kawa)
  14. At The Boom Jazz Café
    by SLONE music
    NOTES with Rita J NOTES with Rita J
  15. Escapism
    by SoulChef
    Write This Down (feat. Nieve) Write This Down (feat. Nieve)
  16. Sunflower In The Sunlight
    by Nieve and SoulChef
    Goodnight, Good Afternoon Goodnight, Good Afternoon
  17. Playback
    by Nieve
    Life's So Hard (feat. Noah King & A-Dub) Life's So Hard (feat. Noah King & A-Dub)
  18. Away With Words
    by Nieve
    Chronic Intoxication Chronic Intoxication
  19. Friends & Family 3
    by Cult Classic Records
  20. Bottles
    by Trace Blam & SoulChef