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  1. Bug Fables Soundtrack
    by Tristan Alric
  2. OTHER: Her Loving Embrace [Demo OST]
    by Quincy Pringle
  3. Hollow Knight: Gods & Nightmares
    by Christopher Larkin
  4. Hollow Knight (Original Soundtrack)
    by Christopher Larkin
  5. Alwa's Awakening Original Soundtrack
    by Robert Kreese
  6. Fran Bow - Original Soundtrack - Remastered
    by Isak J Martinsson
  7. crowtel: birdsongs
    by beardy
  8. Lucah: Born of a Dream (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Nicolo Telesca
  9. Anodyne 2: Return to Dust Original Soundtrack
    by melos han-tani
  10. Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe OST
    by potato-tan
  11. Into the Breach Soundtrack
    by Ben Prunty
  12. Dreaming Mary OST
    by harmonicblend
  13. Cerulean Mono-Rainbow
    by harmonicblend
  14. Painted Heart OST
    by harmonicblend
  15. Yumekatari
    by harmonicblend
  16. Ghost of a Tale
    by Jeremiah Pena, Containher, Mathieu Alvado
  17. Sol=Akata ~Melifan oz sasye oz sheak~
    by harmonicblend
  18. COSMOCRYSTAL: Clalliss xest hymmnos
    by harmonicblend
  19. Hypnospace Outlaw OST Vol. 2
    by Jay Tholen
  20. Hypnospace Outlaw OST Vol. 1
    by Jay Tholen