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  1. Metal Up
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Convalescence Convalescence
  2. Level 6
    by Miracle Of Sound
    London Town London Town
  3. Level 5
    by Miracle Of Sound
    My Revolution My Revolution
  4. 2YR, 40:28.649
    by Halley Labs Associates
    Tweesee Smiled Tweesee Smiled
  5. Arcadepunk
    by Klippa
    Pectus Excavatum (feat. June LaLonde) Pectus Excavatum (feat. June LaLonde)
  6. Rider Super-1
    by Mayhem
    Browny WAS Dead Browny WAS Dead
  7. Figurehead
    by The Queenstons
    Koan Koan
  8. So
    by Klippa
    The Tree The Tree
  9. Jack
    by NegaRen
    All Aboard All Aboard
    by The Quick Brown Fox
  11. Opposition (175 VIP)
    by Sei2ure
  12. Love Hz
    by Fracture 4
    I Never Want To See Your Face Again I Never Want To See Your Face Again
  13. Motormännen | Informationstechno
    by zeon light
    Signalspaning Signalspaning
  14. Damage
    by Sei2ure
    Satisfy Satisfy
  15. Politics
    by Synapse & Sei2ure
    Fuck Fuck
  16. Gazing Long Into The Abyss
    by Meander
    Endless Blackness (VIP) Endless Blackness (VIP)
  17. Regeneration
    by Petrochemical
    Mechanical Disfigurement Mechanical Disfigurement
  18. The Quadrilogy EP
    by The Outside Agency
    Nostromo Nostromo
  19. Primitive / Scintillate
    by The Outside Agency / DJ Hidden
    Scintillate Scintillate
  20. The Disputed Kings of Industrial (Genosha #020)
    by The Outside Agency & Ophidian
    The Shadows The Shadows