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  1. Triumph of the Undying
    by Death Fortress
    Storming Wrath Storming Wrath
  2. VLAD TEPES/BELKETRE : March to the Black Holocaust
    by Drakkar Productions Official
    Wladimir's March (VLAD TEPES) Wladimir's March (VLAD TEPES)
  3. Winterstar
    by Shoulder of Orion
    Fields of Ice Fields of Ice
  4. Anouof thwo
    by Hellébore
    Aootw Aootw
  5. Evangelium Aeternum
    by Nocturnal Pestilence
    III: Rising III: Rising
    The vocals/singing are Amazing. The voice is beautiful and creates a sort of gothic aura that match the screaming really good. The incorporation of symphonic elements also create a melancholic atmosphere and are not excessive or mundane like typical symphonic black metal. All the instruments sounds great as well.
  6. I, Eternity
    by Nocturnal Pestilence
    Return of the Ancient Ancestors Return of the Ancient Ancestors
    This is a great album. I first heard your other full album on the Black Metal Promotions youtube channel.