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  1. Blackbird
    by The Riven
    Killer On The Loose Killer On The Loose
    The Riven, formed in West London, made their debut with the EP Blackbird and the contagion is now immediate.
  2. Devil's Witches "Velvet Magic"
    by Devil's Witches
    This is the first premise that presents the first work of Californians Devil’s Witches, who immersed in psychedelic atmospheres that passed through one of the darkest pages of human history, have created a work of Doom an invaluable thickness.
  3. Smoke Shall Rise
    by Custom Black
    Dying Under A Hot Sun Dying Under A Hot Sun
    In a concoction bewitched of darkness, where a hypnotic groove hurl you into a kind of spell, it is the aspiration of three boys in Kansas City.
  4. Miss Universe
    by Carnaval
    Bluebird Bluebird
  5. The Apocalypse Trilogies
    by Ol' Time Moonshine
    Lycanthroposphere Lycanthroposphere
  6. Midnight Cometh
    by Wo Fat
    Of Smoke and Fog Of Smoke and Fog
    “The sleep that rests beneath the rocks of Texas desert returned to mark the time.
    Two years away from “The Conjuring” the Dallas, this album hits the target in every single note. Riff surfaced from the depths mingle with smoke and fog and confirms the band as the best”.
  7. Repeated exposure to...
    by 1000mods
    Above179 Above179