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Peter "Wing" Grabowski

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  1. 02:20 Mind
    by Matthew Mercer
  2. Hartwell Horn
    by William Pint & Felicia Dale
    She Moved Through the Faire/An Dro/Watson She Moved Through the Faire/An Dro/Watson
    What a delightful surprise! I stumbled on this while looking for versions of traditional songs. Great mix of folk and early music, finely performed with unique touches such as the hurdy gurdy-driven take on perennial favorite "She Moved Through the Fair". The music has the exuberance of a renaissance fair but way more authentic than what you expect from a fair! I'd love to see them live and since they're from Washington (I'm in Oregon) I'll definitely keep my eye out for their performances.
  3. Away From My Window
    by Iona Fyfe
  4. The curve of the road
    by Vedan Kolod
  5. The Wolf's Path
    by Vedan Kolod
  6. The Wild Hunt Of Hagworthy
    by The Heartwood Institute
  7. Astercote
    by The Heartwood Institute
  8. Flykt
    by Forndom
  9. Dauðra Dura
    by Forndom
  10. Supernatant
    by Matthew Mercer
  11. Bones EP
    by Stick In The Wheel
  13. Red Coat
    by Tenderfoot
  14. Bring Us in Good Ale
    by Various Artists
  15. Conversations With Death (Five excursions into dark Americana)
    by Various Rif Mountain artists
  16. For Tonight is Halloween
    by Various Rif Mountain Artists
  17. Pianissimo Possibile
    by Matthew Mercer