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  1. WAKE
    by Vultures At Arms Reach
    Been a fan for many a year. Right in my backyard, I have always seen a future bright for this band. Some post-perfection. That guitar exudes emotion. The musicianship speaks(no pun) volumes.
  2. Reframe (2006) - Original and Remaster
    by Rabbit Junk
    Rabbit Junk....I'm thoughrly sprung on this from the dick down. I'll never come back up for air on this one.
  3. Exploitative Practices
    by FLUIDS
    Now this is what I would call the soundtrack to my very own hate-filled husk I knew at one point to be my soul. Heavy as fucking balls.
  4. 3 Seashells
    by Lakutis
    I love me some fucking hooks, I tell ya what. I leave it there before an awful pun happens. Good shit.
  5. Book Of Grief
    by Iron Heel
    Still in my doom rotation after 6 years of indulgence. Doomy excellence.
  6. Bitter Gloom On A Golden Dawn
    by Vultures Of Cult
  7. Pastoral
    by Vultures Of Cult
    Been listening to these guys for years. Very much has it been a go to for many of situations. Quite honestly, very much an important part of my musical life. I just wish I was a cooler dude and shot em some money sooner. Drugs, Music, Food, Rent, Girlfriends birthday present. I'm a cool guy tho lol.
  8. Silver Gallery
    by Silver Gallery
    Ill keep the exposition at the minimum. This is some good, good shit.
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  9. EOS
    by Talbot
  10. Bad Batch (Single)
    by Ras Bootin'
    by BAD MEN
  12. Everything I Have Is Nothing I Need
    by Cryptic Yeast
    Caught a demo some years back. Can't remember where exactly(maybe Grindcore Karaoke?) Stuck with me...Finally re-discovered em. Right up my alley. Right off my street called Fuckery and across the way from my contempt for reality.
  13. Circle Of The Sun
    by Arc of Ascent
    Arc of Ascent. Datura. All excellent. Superbly executed vocals and musicianship.
  14. Serpent's Curse (Death Metal)
    by HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International)
  15. Cheer
    by Drug Church
  16. Circus Of Freaks
    by Without God
  17. Colossus
    by Lo-Pan
  18. Natron
    by C R O W N
  19. Music For Cowards
    by Castration Party
  20. Henbane
  21. Daughters
    by Daughters
  22. Tales from the Thousand Lakes / Black Winter Day
    by Amorphis
  23. I Shall Die Here
    by The Body
    One of the most negatively drenched, harshest, blissfully depressing masterpieces I have ever heard.
  24. Obsidian Monolith
    by Mexicoma
  25. Crystal Fairy
    by Crystal Fairy
  26. The Idea of North
    by Norilsk
  27. Nämïdäë
    by Öxxö Xööx
  28. Waves of Human Suffering
    by Agenda of Swine
  29. The Sacrifice
    by The Sacrifice
  30. V2 - Vergelding
    by The Monolith Deathcult Official
  31. Splitting Sky
    by Borracho
  32. Meine Fesseln
    by Waldgeflüster
  33. Morning Star Rise
    by The House of Capricorn
  34. Void Mother
    by Obscure Sphinx
  35. GODS
    by Herder
  36. Night Work
    by Bleach Eater
  37. Carbon Black
    by Amelia Arsenic
  38. Our Slow Decay
    by Black Sleep Of Kali
  39. Never
    by Universe217
  40. Demo 2011
    by Zodiac
  41. You Won't Get What You Want
    by Daughters
  42. Spasms of Rebirth
    by Zaraza
  43. Horror Vacui
    by Herder
  44. Los Tres Mundos
    by Black Hate
  45. Introspection Of Memoirs
    by FROWN