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  1. You'll Be Okay, I Promise
    by w u s o 命
    Above and beyond anything I've heard this year in the field of cinematic synth music. An absolute triumph that will sure become a classic within the genre.
  2. Electric Flowers
    by Jordan Christoff
  3. Exo
    by Tineidae
  4. by 死亡頻道
    This release further confirms what a talent 死亡頻道 is. A brooding, hazy excursion into the darker realms of vaporwave. BUY!
  5. Soul Generator
    by Sangam
  6. Protection
    by PJS
  7. 存在
    by 夢のチャンネル
  8. This Evening
    by Sangam
  9. f∞lm∞n taxi
    by f∞lm∞n taxi
  10. 砂漠の雨
    by Soul▲Craft
  11. Our Time And Place
  12. Textures Surround Me
    by KeepSleep
  13. Sunset Touch
    by M4
  14. If I could make one moment last forever
    by F i b o n a c c i
    by Denis Tremblay
  16. ロシアSlush: Experience 1
    by from tokyo to honolulu / lucid beach85'
  17. Journey through Albia
    by Strixxi
  18. 自然の音楽 / 生まれ変わり
    by From Tokyo to Honolulu
  19. Digital Vacation
    by рмнчитто
  20. 夢の哲学
    by 夜明けを残す